Sunday, February 27, 2011

Then Angel Again

"Then Angel Again"

A spiral of events,
No certain way to say,
Only that you would not have things,
The way they are today.

You can not describe what you saw,
Everything just a blur.
I mean when life has become a poison,
And there is no cure.

Angry beyond,
The reckoning of rage.
Even knowing the anger,
Is really your cage.

But it can happen,
When you question all that was.
Because a heart needs answers,
Oh, yes it does.

And the answers can come from,
The most unexpected of places.
Answers from the most familiar,
Of faces.

From Angel to Demon,
Then Angel again,
And you never thought it possible,
When you think back to then.


of course you never really know,
just how tricky a Demon can be.
low and behold,
again he tricked me.

Danny Gunter 02-27-2011

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