Thursday, April 28, 2011

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I love moments like this
I used to want
Someone to share it with
Now I think
That's ridiculous

I make me happy
I am the one who smiles
Don't want another running me
For miles

When I have to imagine the view
And that's what I did
With you

I want to love the moments
Don't want to regret my yesterday's anymore


I'll not relive
What came before

09 03 07

Monday, April 25, 2011



While I am not a speaker,
In any sort of the word.
I do often flail against the current,
To say what needs be heard.

I am a wordsy person,
Though not a thesaurus in flesh.
It does upset when I’m at a loss,
As if I failed a test.

I should always have the words,
I should be able to comfort your heart.
But your experience and mine,
Are so far apart.

So clearly I have not,
Experienced enough,
And I do not poses' it,
I still lack the stuff.

Just another blind man,
Guiding the blind along the street.
Just as the roads are slick and unpredictable,
Under the sleet.

I want to tell you it will be ok,
But sweetie I am just not sure.
And I am simply unequipped to offer comfort,
In this pain you endure.

Such a simple name Olive,
Green surrounded by red.
Or the precious heart of life,

Danny Gunter

For Steph and her Olive.
I wish I knew what to say to help you feel better.
I <3 you and Travis & Olive

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It Fell In On Me

“It Fell In On Me”
One morning the sunlight poured,
It fell in on me.
At the hope of day.
When I could see what life should be.
I stretched and I yawned.
I rested warm and safe where I belonged.
So beautiful, so peaceful,
I’d never felt anything so strong.
But so like the weather,
You never know what’s warm or cold.
If anything’s reliable,
For your heart to hold.
I got caught outside,
As my world was freezing.
I remember my clouds of breath,
As you were leaving.
One morning the sunlight poured,
It fell in on me.
At the hope of day.
When I could see what life should be.
But we all know better,
Don’t we?
Danny Gunter

Easter – On High…

Easter – On High…

Mr. and Mrs. Supreme Being (specific names are not important to my point).

They have brought the family together for Easter Dinner. They have their son (they clearly don’t think about it like we do), they have the cousins, the aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, profits and disciples all together to enjoy the special day.

The Mrs. SB (Supreme Being) has set the heavens up perfect. Rainbows on every horizon, fluffy clouds where everyone needs to set and a good solid thundercloud to set dinner on.

They have all the usual disagreements. Mr. SB (Supreme Being) gets all upset when dinner is served. “We can’t be eating rabbit on Easter! What kind of message does that send?”

Mrs. SB (Supreme Being) yells back, “Talk to Gabriel, he caught it and he’s your little angel!”

Gabriel is just chuckling to himself.

They quiet down, just enjoying the day.

Mr. SB (Supreme Being) says “Let’s all take turns and share our most memorable Easter memory…”

Everyone gets real quiet as Jesus is just glaring at everyone from the far end of the table…

Mrs. SB hits Mr. SB (Supreme Being) with the kitchen towel, “I’ve told you and I’ve told you not to do that again!”

Happy Easter y’all!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Roaches Scurry

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"Roaches Scurry"

Staring out the window,
Burning light the leaves are wilting.
Light bellows life reborn.
But hope is retreating.

Inside an endless downpour,
The flowers drown.
Before they have the strength,
Too sprout from the ground.

The ground is burned and cracked,
Even in the rain.
The sweet song of birds,
Sound's utterly insane.

Singing just to sing?
Living just to live?
Parasites suck away,
All they have to give.

Roaches scurry,
Feed upon remains.
Are they the only ones,
Not insane?

Danny Gunter
10 22 07

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everything It Meant To You

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"Everything It Meant To You"

Why do people run when they've,
People who care in their lives?
Do they really not realize,
It hits the heart like knives?

You've stood with them,
Through thick and thin.
You've shared life's troubles,
Again and again.

Then there is a crack,
Through everything you thought you knew.
And you wonder if it meant to them,
Everything it meant to you.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So, I just watched the M&M commercial...

So, I just watched the M&M commercial. Red and Yellow are setting on the coffee table while a man and a woman discuss the probability of the M&M’s limbs and shoes being chocolate too.

Now I am forced to wonder, if Plain Red and Peanut Yellow are the only Red and Yellow M&M’s that can talk? Or are there other Plain Reds and Peanut Yellows with different voices and personalities? Are all Green M&M’s female? Since she is Green, does that mean her Parental M&M’s would have to be Yellow and Blue? Are they a bunch of individual M&Ms or are they like the human Cylons? All Plain Reds share a collective personality and memories with all of the copies of Plain Red?

Since they know what chocolate tastes like does that make them cannibals? If a milk chocolate M&M eat a white chocolate M&M, is it still cannibalism?

Since it is almost always Plain Red and Peanut Yellow in the commercials are Plain Red and Peanut Yellow somehow higher in the M&M social structure?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


At some point,
Someone is going to tell you,
That it’s normal.
Or it’s ok,
For someone to treat you like that.
I say back up,
Don’t let them act like that.
You’ve people who're blood,
True friends.
True family,
Making them a part of you.
  Anybody else better be able to explain.
The how and why’s of what they do.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I must draw the line.
Between what’s acceptable,
And what leaves me fine.
We already know,
Who can make excusable mistakes.
You can look on a sunset knowing it’s ok.
They’re true.
If you’re lucky.
They’ll be here after today.
Everybody and I mean anybody else.
You invite.
   Into your life isn't entitled that luxury.
I do mean anybody else,
Better have a damn good explanation,
If they mistreat me.
Never let anybody,
Treat you less than you.
Big speech bigoted morality,
Still truth
It's true.
Danny Gunter


Monday, April 18, 2011

A Note Upon A Key

"A Note Upon A Key"

A path set before,
Most all of us here.
I mean it’s music,
We all can hear.

A sound set upon our soul.
A note upon a key,
Within our lives,
We glimpse and get to see.

We might harmonize.
With another in this maze where we’re lost.
But the music box does not play its music for free.
Only after the coins have dropped.
Can we understand their value,
A measure of the cost.

I wanted to show you,
That truth isn’t always fleeting.
That some speak their heart and mean it.
That there are safe shelters where the broken can stop,
Cease retreating.

My goal was too my burden,
I only wanted to share a hopeful broken wish.
That not everyone lies to burden your heart.
And still here we are, broken like this.

I just wanted us to rest, against each other.
To show you that hurt doesn’t always end in pain.
Yet torn asunder and ripped apart.
Still we drown inside the rain.

Danny Gunter

Saturday, April 16, 2011




I’ve drawn breath,
Rested where the sunset perfect.
Where the sun could only rise,
As perfect as one would expect.

I’ve witnessed the bluest blue,
All of the colors in their pertinent hue.
But somewhere after the shading,
Is where I’m at a loss of what to do.
I know of the stars,
I know the fairy tales.
I also know the truth of the tears,
That fall when they often fail.

I’d rather not have it,
In my vocabulary to say.
After all I’m just another dreamer,

Danny Gunter

Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Turned Away

“You Turned Away”

It was within the tenure,
Of our last together days.
Much I’ve forgotten and remembered,
In so many ways.

We had shouted until the windows,
Wanted to crack against their panes.
I cried until the tears,
Burned the floors with stains.
You said you needed space,
You were going for a walk.
I guess the tears and crying,
Made it too difficult to talk.
You turned away,
And walked across the floor.
I said don’t you dare not kiss me,
Before you walk out that door.

Danny Gunter

You've Been Excused

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"You've Been Excused"

At some point you're going to think,
I've moved past abused.

That's ok.

Just don't think,
You've been excused.

Your silence led too,
Too many hallow nights.
To, too many questions,
Of wrong and right.

I had to have pills,
To feel ok,
Pills, just to fall asleep.
Because of the pain,
A wound horribly deep.

I'm going to be ok,
So why bother now.
Wouldn't want you to go out of your way.
Hate to disappoint you,
But I'm going to be ok

So, at some point,
You're going to think,
I've moved past abused.

And that's ok.

Just don't ever think,
You've been excused.

09 01 07

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Celine Dion- to love you more lyrics

Weren't Those Your Footprints

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"Weren't Those Your Footprints"

Were those were your footprints
In the sand
Did you carry me
Did you take my hand

I believe
And I pray
But again
No answer today

With waning faith
The dark gets darker
The steps I retrace

Tortured I cry
Broken by love
Where are the angels
To lift me above

This sea of salt
Hurting every part
Where is the miracle of healing
This broken heart

Tumbling down
Hope slips through my hands
Weren't those your footprints
In the sand


For Crystal
Thank you for trusting me with this,
I hope you like it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Write

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"Don't Write"

Don't write.
Don't write.
Don't write the words,

They won't make it better.
Won't make it hurt less.
In them you'll never find,
Any honesty confessed.

They won't make it make sense.
Won't force clarity.
Won't justify this hurt,
Forced on me.

My words won't bring quiet.
Won't bring release.
Won't dry the tears,
That never cease.

Don't write.
Don't write.
Don't write the words,

10 3 07

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Safe In My Arms

As a man who lives between worlds, it's been my blessing that through my sisters allowed me to witness from  distance what it must feel like when you have children, and those wonderful children have gone on to have their own children.  It is fortunate for me, to have a gift like that presented for me to participate, even as slight as that participation might be.

This one is for Marilyn, Ruth and Terry, for Dana and Jason, for Josh and Kate.  You may not find Plumbs music appealing, but she did this one after she had her baby.  I can only imagine that you all feel the same.

I'm as far from a perfect person as a galaxy is a measure of another.  But you all did it and I believe it must feel like this for you.

It Wasn't Worth The Cost

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"It Wasn't Worth The Cost"

Existing inside a resounding void,
Buffeted by echo's of the past.

Resisting the sweet temptation,
That anything might last.

Knowing the depths,
Of heartache's sorrow.

Learning the tears,
Are still there tomorrow.

Seeing the dreams,
Slowly fading away.

Hearing dead silence,
In what you didn't say.

Wandering a vast world,
Feeling so lost.

Wondering against the knowing,
It wasn't worth the cost.

09 21 07

Friday, April 8, 2011

I Never Imagined


"I Never Imagined"

For days and weeks now,
I've written and erased.
At the center of me I've paused,
And paced.

So tired of feeling hurt,
Pathetic and sad.
Setting here writing of things.
I only thought I had.

I never imagined,
I had so much anger inside of me.
I never imagined,
This is how I would be.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gone So Soon

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"Gone So Soon"
An unseen shadow,
Maybe gravity.
Causes this fog,
To hang on me.

So much of life passes,
At the speed of light.
Yet some unnatural force,
Keeps me in the night.
Is it unnatural,
To be so lost in the dark?
Is it unnatural,
To miss the spark?
The sun moves across the sky,
Forever followed by the moon.
Another day.
Another night.
Gone so soon.
11 1 07

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fist Into The Mirror

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"Fist Into The Mirror"

Fist into the mirror.
Pieces shatter to the ground.
Stand so still.
My breath the only sound.

Blood drips to the floor,
Upon the shattered shapes.
Stare down upon the wreckage.
Countless bloodied reflections,
Offer no escape.

10 30 07

My Heart Was Ice

“My Heart Was Ice”

My heart was frozen,
My heart was ice.
I was ok upon my glacier,
Then you swooped in and showed me life.

And I latched,
And I held on.
And I believed in you against,
Everything that was gone.

I was a nomad,
Against my will.
I knew at any time,
My entire world could change until.

You held me,
And set the world still.
There were no quakes,
No way the milk could spill.

But it was all a trick,
A game for the foolish little red-head.
Who was far better upon the glacier,
Left for dead.
My heart was frozen,
My heart was ice.
I was ok upon my glacier,
Then you swooped in and showed me life.

Danny Gunter