Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Candy Corn M and M's ???

So I'm at the store and the cashier asks me "Would you like to try some candy corn M&M's?" 

"No, wait, what?" 
I didn't buy them, it seemed very strange to me...

Monday, August 27, 2012

While I Was In There

“While I Was In There”

I’m sitting here staring,
At a card board box.
Inside are a whole lot of things,
I forgot.

It frightens me even though,
All I need do is open the lid.
A lot I’d forgotten,
Even more that I hid.

From myself,
It was killing me to hang on.
To something, to someone.
When all of it was gone.

I work up the courage.
I peer inside.
Flip through the photos and smile.
As tears fill my eyes.

Pause and stare,
At more than just a few.
Goodness I smiled a lot,
When I was with you.

Finished I close the lid,
For a long while I simply set and stare.
I’d forgotten how happy I was,
While I was in there.

Danny Gunter
05 01 08

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Page Is Blank

“The Page Is Blank”

The page is blank,
But it’s already wet.
I’ve not even written,
Anything yet.

It’s hard to write,
Upon a dampened page.
I’ve learned that,
With wisdom and age.

The wet,
Smudges the ink.
Like swirling thoughts,
It’s hard to think.

I really don’t even know,
What I planned to write.
And the page,
Is really damp tonight.

So the page is blank,
But it’s already wet.
And I’ve not even written,
Anything yet.

Danny Gunter
03 14 08

Friday, August 24, 2012

and then came the Bee's

So I told dad how awesome it was that the bee's couldn't get the nectar, and he said you should put a small cup out for them...

So my SORRY compassionate ass listened.  Mind you the cup you see in those photos was FULL!  The bee's came from everywhere...  After a 30 to 45 min battle I ran them off, I do believe I got stung in the elbow...  but it was a MIGHTY BATTLE!

My little bird paradise...

I loves feeding the birds.  So I decided to get a humming bird feeder...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Second Chances

“Second Chances”
Second chances,
Who is worthy, who is not?
An equal return on that sale,
You just bought.

Where do we draw the line?
Where do we make a stand?
So confusing life’s questions.
No way to understand.
Faced with a choice,
Endless are the questions of yesterday.
But when do we find our peace?
When do we find our way?
Second chances,
Who is deserving, who is worthy?
I’ve exhausted my dreams,
Wondering this while I can’t see.

Danny Gunter

Monday, August 13, 2012

Now That It's Gone

"Now That It's Gone"

I've been so angry,
For so very long.
Angry and resentful,
At all that went wrong.

There were days I seethed,
With bitter hate.
Felt my soul being strangled,
By the hands of fate.

Were I able to summon the flames,
I would have burned  it all to the ground.
My fury was relentless,
I wanted no one around.

But it suddenly struck me.
I realized today.
I never took the time to miss you,
Since you've been away.

I've been so angry,
For so very long.
Hopefully I won't miss you.
Now that it's gone.

09 24 2007

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm Sorry

"I'm Sorry"

I'll not say I'm sorry,
For loving you.
I'm sorry,
That at the heart of it,
You were never true.

I'll not say I'm sorry,
For a single kiss.
I'm sorry,
My forever will be,
Something you miss.

I'll not say I'm sorry,
For offering my touch.
I'm sorry,
You lied so much.

I'll not say I'm sorry.
For what I believed.
I'm sorry,
Your respect was something,
I never received.

I'll not say I'm sorry,
For loving you.
I'm sorry,
That at the heart of it,
You were never true.

I'll not say I'm sorry.
The tears,
Taking shape inside my eyes.

I'm sorry,
You fell so far,
From grace,
In my eyes.

I'll not say I'm sorry.
Refusing to cry.

I'll wrap this up,
And just say goodbye.

Danny Gunter

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Advice

"My Advice"
Feeling broken,
Fractured inside.
I know,
Everyone lies.

Shouldn't there be an exception,
An exception to the rule?
Or are we left to wander aimless,
With our hearts to duel?

I'd like to say it can happen,
But deep down I know it won't.
If you're tempted to follow your heart,
My advice,
Is don't.

Danny Gunter
07 22 08

save the heartache and just don't.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Gift - 'a why for how it hurts us'

Unbreakable's Musings: The Gift: "The Gift" I'm jealous of the normal people, Who can give their hearts away. Who are not looked down upon, For tender words they say....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crystal Cruelty

"Crystal Cruelty" 
~ ~ ~ 
The shot rang out 
Across my life 
Sliced through my soul 
Cut like a knife 
A sound so clear 
Crystal cruelty 
A blow so severe 
Harsh brutality 
Your emotionless face 
My unending tears 
Your heartless reaction 
Wasting so many years 
My heart exploded 
A blast without compare 
This person I loved 
Was never even there 
My soul set ablaze 
The arsonist held dear 
Left me burning 
Knowing my each 
And every fear 
Danny Gunter