Saturday, February 12, 2011

In This Reality


"In This Reality"

A happy ending,
Can it even exist?
We've all heard the stories,
So it's hard to resist.

The idea that it just can't happen.
That it isn't a possibility.
The idea of happy endings,
Just aren't part of this reality.

I mean you could build the perfect home,
But a storm can come blow it away.
So you build again,
And another storm will take it today.

Or you find the special someone,
Even if you stand together,
You'll not be always,
Not together forever.

Even if you're together,
For a hundred years.
Eventually will come a separation,
Followed by tears.

A happy ever after,
Isn't a possibility.
Can't even exist.
In this reality.

03 11 08

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