Sunday, February 20, 2011

As It Often Seems


"As It Often Seems"

Have you ever wished
Upon that special light in the sky
And awaited a voice in the heavens
To help you understand why

Have you chased a rainbow
That seemed just over the hill
Searched and searched
And kept searching by sheer force of will

Have you ever cast
A coin into a magic well
And listened so intently
Just how far it fell

Have you envisioned a wish
As you blew out the flames
Hoping this new year
Will not be the same

We are among the many who
Wish, hope and dream
Not nearly so lonely
As it often seems

They may never come
The answers from the stars
And rainbows are hard to find
They are always so far
Those coins dropped
Are so often
Forgotten with time
But the candles will be there next year
As we continue the climb


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