Sunday, February 20, 2011




It took only a moment,
And you never hesitated.
Before you utterly and totally,

Not only my love.
But all of me,
All of me,

In that moment,
Something shattered inside.
So horribly broken,
I sat and I cried.

Then came the anger.
My soul seethed with rage.
Like an angry hungry animal,
Hurtling itself at its cage.

The rage fell,
Into depression.
My entire life,
Fell into recession.

Calmer now,
So much time has past.
I won’t lie and say,
It went by fast.

I was so determined,
To validate myself.
My heart and your role.
So much unanswered,
And those quandaries take their toll.

I was so desperate.
I wanted to know.
I wanted to see.
So hell bent was my quest for answers.
That I had this time myself,
Invalidated me.

04 04 2008

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