Thursday, July 26, 2012

Only you can stop the zombie bee apocalypse

"Zombie bees" sound like the premise of a bad B-movie (couldn't resist) — but they're real. Biologists have observed honeybees in California and South Dakota displaying "zombie-like" behavior:

From Then Until Today

"From Then Until Today"

I wonder,
Do you smile?

When you think back,
Upon our yesterdays?

There's so much I wonder of,
In so many ways.

Do you think me childish,
In holding this grudge?
From which,
I refuse to budge.

Do you think me needlessly bitter,
In my opinion of you?

In my conclusion,
That you,
Were never true?

Did you make a mistake?
Were you somehow wrong?

Such a heartless coward.
You never were strong.

Stand up to your convictions.
Stand up to your word.

Unless they all were lies,
The words I heard.

So should you ever smile,
From some memory,
Of our yesterday.

Smile knowing it was lies.
From then until today.

You've no cause to smile.
Memories built on your lies.
If you question that,
Count the tears from my eyes.

And had I truly known,
This heart of you.

Well you just smile and know…
That I shouldn't have wasted,
A single day,
Of my life on you.

Danny Gunter

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Postal carrier collapses, dies on route | Local News - KMBC Home

Postal carrier collapses, dies on route | Local News - KMBC Home

Chick-fil-a: Did Chick-fil-A Pretend to Be a Teenage Girl on Facebook?(via @Gizmodo)

Chick-fil-A, home of chicken-loving bigots, is in the middle of a PR nightmare. After Chick-fil-A's COO admitted to being anti-gay, the Jim Henson Company (bless their heart) pulled their toys from Chick-fil-A's kids meals.

It Was Never Mine

"It Was Never Mine"

I feel that I have done
What is right
But I find myself wondering

I have let you take your path
Let you have your view
Not stood in the way
Of you being you

I took the higher ground
When you chose him over me
And again I face
The mistake of me

But is it a mistake
Me being I
Or the time I chose
To cry

Am I wrong
In my slight
Am I false
In this fight

And who are you
To say the wrong or right
Who are you
Am I wrong
Or right

It isn't mine to say
What matters past today
It was never mine

Danny Gunter

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't go to Stacks on 23rd St, in Independence where Clem's used to be.

Stacks is a recently opened  restaurant  is on 23rd street where Clem’s used to be.  I would ask you not to give them your business either.

Recently a restaurant opened in Independence, Mo. on 23rd St. where Clem's used to be the new place is called Stacks.  My sister went up there with a friend and the manager and she had a confrontation and he actually dropped the C bomb on her several times…  Here is my sisters post and several peoples responses.  This is not a Jack Stack BBQ.
Please don't eat a Stacks on 23rd St. I went there tonight and while I waited for about 10 minutes for my food the owner yelled at his employees telling them what pieces of crap they are and they couldn't do their jobs. So when he gave me my food I told him "You are really a PRICK yelling at your employees so the customers can hear you" he didn't hear me and I had to repeat it. Then he called me a F-ing B-tch C-nt and that I couldn't tell him how to treat his employees unless I wanted to pay them. He then told me he was going to come out and smack me. I said come on. He called me the FBC about 4 more times.
Marilyn Salazar The sweet part of this story is, my brother Danny Gunter went down there to confront him and told him he better not call his sister the C word. Love you Brother.
2 hours ago · Unlike · 6

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Christy Littrell Watters you are in trouble, cause i have had to dip in the bail bondsman fund to buy diapers and formula!!!!LOL!!!!!Way to not take no shit from him anyway!!!Way to go Marilyn Salazar
2 hours ago · Like · 1
Sentaira Miller What the what?????? He need a good beat down for that!
2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2
Marilyn Salazar I wouldn't of went to jail, because after he wooped my ass I would of owned that joint.
2 hours ago · Like · 5
Tammy Alarie I'm glad danny went there i would have gone with him if i was home. I cant believe he did that let alone calling you that nasty wird and danny knows how much i hate it. Glad youstood up for the employees you
2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Marilyn Salazar I did have enough since to wait to say anything until I had my food in my hand.
2 hours ago · Like
Marilyn Salazar Hell Tammy he told Danny they was his family and he could talk to them any way he wanted.
2 hours ago · Like
Tammy Alarie Wow what a dbag!! I still cant believe this guy!
2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Kathy Whitmer sounds l1ke he needs h1s ass beat
2 hours ago · Like · 1
Marilyn Salazar If it is his family they might get beat when they get home.
2 hours ago · Like
Rachel Spotz You should have called the cops on him for threatening you like that. Or you should have kicked his ass. Either one would have worked I think.
2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Marilyn Salazar I'm gonna call the Independence Chamber on them tomorrow Rachel Spotz
about an hour ago · Like
Rachel Spotz Good! No one fucks with my family.
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 1
Kathy Whitmer u need me call
about an hour ago · Like · 1
Kathy Whitmer we can really mess w1th them do they have a web page we can g1ve h1m a tr1p 2 w1lson lake n beat h1s ass when
about an hour ago · Like

Chantell Blanco Wow! Marilyn I'm surprised your not in jail! Because your a pit bull in a skirt, I am so shocked u didn't tear his ass up. He's is a douchebag!
about an hour ago via mobile · Unlike · 2
Connie Meyer Gregory I think that's verbal assault, isn't it? I would absolutely report him
about an hour ago · Like · 2
Todd Jot Jarvis I could make an intimidating call saying I'm from the DOL and have numerous complaints. Lol
about an hour ago · Like · 1
Elizabeth Hilden Barrios Good for your brother. I would love to go there and see how he treats me. Then I can call him a FBC. Lol your awesome Marilyn and good for you for standing up for yourself. There is no excuse for people to be rude and hurtful especially for no reason.
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 1
Terry Meyer The real owner of stacks has his 1st restaurant over her. I am going to talk to him tomorrow. He said he hired a manager to run the store on 23rd street because he can not be in both places. I am talking to him tomorrow. This really makes me mad. Good Job Danny. That man should be fired.....
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Donna Daisy I would not have let him touch her I watched the whole thing she was fearless !!!! Little PIT BULL WOOF !!!!!!!
44 minutes ago · Like · 2
Donna Daisy BYW THe tenderloin was GOOD !!!!
43 minutes ago · Like · 1
Chantell Blanco Donna LOL!!
41 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

Danny Gunter
When I went up there he said "she doesn't need to be up here telling me to run my business" and I said "but you realize the C word is a very serious word that you don't just throw around", there was a lot more said then his wife (I assume) saw my camera and said "he's recording all of this, were done for the evening." and she closed the window so we couldn't talk anymore. (But my dumb ass didn't record shit cuz I didn't actually start recording... DAMN IT!)
11 minutes ago • Edited • Like

Danny Gunter also its important to note that this is NOT a Jack Stack BBQ.
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A Fracture In Reality

"A Fracture In Reality"
A fracture in reality,
Light poured through.
Suddenly I could see,
I didn't know what to do.
I expected it to look different,
Not so strange a place.
Even though I looked upon,
A once familiar face.
Strange surroundings,
Unusual terrain.
I wondered if my wonderings,
Were all in vain.
Confused by hope,
Frightened of dreams.
A fragile world unraveled,
At the seams.
Danny Gunter
04 25 08

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wahoo! It's only going 2 b 94 on Thursday!

Every Heartbeat

"Every Heartbeat"
~ ~ ~
Every heartbeat
A flash frame of the past
Moments missed
Meant to last
Every heartbeat
A reminder
What came before
My heart
Rendered dreams of ash
Every moment
Of the past
Not a single smile
Of anything that lasts
Every heartbeat
Lingers in the past
Danny Gunter

Jim Henson Company And Chick-Fil-A: 'Muppets' Makers Sever Ties With Anti-Gay Fast Food Chain

I was fortunate enough to enjoy these wonderful creations in my youth and now as a middle-aged man I can now also think of them as heroes.

Last Friday, the company behind beloved shows such as "Fraggle Rock," "Labyrinth," and "The Muppets," severed ties with Chick-Fil-A due to the fast food chain's CEO's opposition to same sex marriage.

For the whole article, click the link below.

Jim Henson Company And Chick-Fil-A: 'Muppets' Makers Sever Ties With Anti-Gay Fast Food Chain

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Floating Cabana - Soo cool!!!

'Call Me Maybe' Spoofed by U.S. Marine's: Carly Rae Jepsen's Hit Song Parodied Again

This is awesome!

Weekly Address: Remembering the Victims of the Aurora, Colorado Shooting

Wolf Star

“Wolf Star”
Brought together,
By stellar drift.
An unnamed constellation,
Gravity yields its gifts.
A Wolf Star drifting distance,
Both to and from the stars.
A nebulous drift,
Follows from afar.
Were they once so close?
As gravity will push and pull.
Was it really close?
In the dark we often play the fool.
Both of time,
Times past and times present.
Laced with timeless memories,
We adore, fear and regret.
Is it a pending collision?
In the present or the past?
The dark distance,
Seems so vast.
Should the Wolf Star slow?
Would the nebula slow or advance?
Stars and nebula’s they move and drift.
Sometimes gravity allows the chance.
The Wolf Star moves along.
The nebula towed by gravity.
When the nebula fills the Wolf Star,
Only then will we see.
Danny Gunter
for Lucky

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ED HELMS I Won't Eat at Chick-fil-A ... 'Cause It's Anti-Gay

{click for the whole article}

To Then

"To Then"
In this dark and vacant world
I let myself believe in you
I have found in hindsight
That is something we should not do
I let you give me hope
When there was nothing there at all
I let you watch satisfied
As I fall
As I fall
And continue to do
And all because
I believed in you
The lesson is learned
It will not happen again
And to remind myself
I need only think back
To then
Danny Gunter

Limbaugh Suggests 'Dark Knight Rises' Villain 'Bane' A Deliberate Romney Reference

ummm... that's a stretch... Bane has been a Batman villain since 1993 I believe... LMAO... this guy could confuse Dr. Who. Wasn't he supposed to move or something?

...the feeder is empty


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's called reading...

NOAA.ORG - Our 7 day forecast...

Dan Cathy, Chick-Fil-A President, On Anti-Gay Stance: 'Guilty As Charged'

I would ask (even though I really enjoy their food) my friends and family not to eat @ Chic-Fil-A, and then ask your friends and family not to eat there. I mean, I won't throw rocks at you or anything if you eat there, but I will think 'you dirty'.
The article I'm referring to:
Though Chick-fil-A has come under considerable fire for its documented support of anti-gay Christian organizations, officials for the fast food chain have remained mostly tight-lipped about the controversy -- until now.
In a new interview with the Baptist Press, Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy -- the son of company founder S. Truett Cathy -- addresses what the publication calls his franchise's "support of the traditional family."
Cathy's somewhat glib response: "Well, guilty as charged."
for the rest of the article please chick (click) below:

Drop the paper - Drop the pen

"Drop the paper - Drop the pen"

Drop the paper.
Drop the pen.
Missing words,
Will never change,
Where I have been.

Some missing words,
Or lack of insight,
Will not explain,
My lack of sleep tonight.

Though I can not put my finger,
On exactly what you did,
And I will never understand,
Why you hid,
What you hid.

I need to,
Drop the paper.

I need to,
Drop the pen.

But the missing words,
Can never change,
Where I have been.

Danny Gunter

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sign up to be a Born Brave Nation founding member.


I have something really exciting to share with you.

Born This Way Foundation just announced a new initiative: Born Brave Nation.

The Born Brave Nation will be made up of localized, youth-led groups of supporters who are dedicated to building a kinder, braver world in their homes, schools, and communities.

I just signed up to be a Born Brave Nation founding member where I live. You can join me by signing up here:

When I look around at my community, I know there are things we can do to make it more accepting, more celebratory of individuality, and kinder for all. Forming Born Brave Nation is a great first step, and I really hope you will join me in this effort.


Deadpool Game Teaser

Soft landing for 'Human Dominoes in China' - Guinness

Soft landing for 'Human Dominoes in China' - Guinness

Father of slain lesbian teen in Texas: Shooter is ’monster’

Father of slain lesbian teen in Texas: Shooter is ’monster’

The Land Of The Brave

"The Land Of The Brave"

By dawns early light
All you know
Fades into night

By the rockets red glare
It becomes clear
That nothing was there

Bombs bursting in air
So alone
No one anywhere

In the land of the brave
But there was nothing
Left to save

I so valiantly swore
Until I realized nothing

Hopes and dreams naught but haze
Lost to one
In the land of the brave

Danny Gunter
10 9 07



Sunday, July 15, 2012

Star Wars Call Me Maybe


John Stewart tries to figure out whats ok to put in his mouth...

John Stewart tries to figure out whats ok to put in his mouth...



Upon this body
You never left a mark
That would be worthy
Of remark

Is there exception
Or reason why
Some kind of explanation
That I cry

The rending hurt
An endless pain
Wondering thoughts
Of insane

You never rose
You never swung
But for lack of a bruise
Does that excuse

Flinching moments
The unyielding fear
So much lost
To endless tears

Not a single slash
Not a single bruise
Not a shred of evidence
Of abuse

Danny Gunter
09 12 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2012

One More Frame

"One More Frame"

He searches for a reason.
A quest for a cause.
An ending to a hopeless search,
Of why my life's on pause.

No new pictures.
Only what came before.
One more frame could show,
What I can't take anymore.

One more frame?
What might there be?
But the price is so much more,
Than is left in me.

Danny Gunter
10 15 07

Friday, July 13, 2012


I sooo wish I had done something like this once LOL!

Baby Koala Photos: Orphaned Marsupial 'Crescent Head Jimmy' Wins Internet, Returns To Wild

Baby Koala Photos




He is a scary little fella...

Hairless Kitten???



Skeptics and victims of autocorrect know that bad luck can happen on any old day of the week. Still, even a skeptic would be wise to tread carefully on Friday the 13th. So let us take this opportunity to test our luck by laughing in the face of superstition courtesy of our 13 favorite unlucky autocorrects!

I know that

"I know that" 

I set so lost.
Try to reconcile,
All the memories,
Impossible to file.

I know that I am broken.
I know that I am gone.
I know that I must recover.
I know that I am strong.

I wonder,
Against the knowing,
Against the visage,
That I am showing.

I wonder.
What is the point,
In moving on?
When you have reached the knowing,
That eventually,
Everything is gone?

Danny Gunter
09 14 2007

It's not even noon...

We all know someone like this...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Turn your Tortillas into Taco Bowls

~ Turn your Tortillas into Taco Bowls ~

Just turn your muffin pan upside down, spray with cooking oil and bake tortillas for 10 minutes at 375F or 180C.

Dredd 3D Red Band Clip

Simba the Lion Cub plays with Dog

Rare Amur Tiger Cubs Born At Columbus Zoo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Sh*t just got serious...

Testing with a cool pic

I gots to hold a really big iguana @ the KC Reptile Show

If You Could Picture Me

"If You Could Picture Me"

I suppose when you become so tired,
When it becomes irritating to blink.
When the answers elude the questions.
When it becomes tiring to think.

When the hope is encumbering,
And dreams become a chore.
I suppose the answers are clear.
You just don't care anymore.

When tears become irrigation,
To imaginings that will never be.
I suppose that is what you would see,
If you could picture me.

Danny Gunter
10 22 07

Wednesday, July 11, 2012



How to build a low cost hydroponic garden

Incredible: Woman Accidently Baits Giant Shark (VIDEO)

Shark attack!

Pregnancy & Women

Choc Chip Reese's

On a scale of 1 to 10, how perfect is this combination?Thanks to Stefanie Albright for the Image:

Losing your teeth

Somehow, Someway

"Somehow, Someway"

Try to shake the feeling,
That somehow, someway,
Something's gone,
Horribly wrong.

Somehow, someway,
It feels like,
So much is gone.

What's gone?
I'm not sure,
That I can say.

But something's gone,
Somehow, someway.

Danny Gunter
09 17 07

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Silly Little Dreamer - 2007

"Silly Little Dreamer"
The pieces fall together,
Like a rising tide.
A paradox unimaginable,
Events collide.
Moments linked together,
Believed by fate.
But now you know,
It must have been  hate.
How could someone tell you?
Lead you to believe?
Then leave you breathless,
No dreams to retrieve?
Each of us predators.
Nothing less.
Nothing more.
None of it matters.
What came before.
Silly little dreamer,
Where did you live?
They take and they  take,
Till there's nothing left to give.
Silly little dreamer.
Where do you live?
You give,
And you give,
Till there's nothing,
Left to live.
Danny Gunter


THE WOLVERINE: Villains confirmed!

Just based on the source material alone, The Wolverine is going to be an awesome film. Having been alive for a few centuries now, Wolverine travels to Japan to train under samurai masters during the interwar period.

If you've obtained a home loan in the last couple of decades, this affects you.


Libor Scandal: Manipulation Spanned Decades, According To Reports

Monday, July 9, 2012