Saturday, February 12, 2011

An Event Horizon


"An Event Horizon"

Endless ball of fire,
Powering soft warming light.
Timeless a soft gentle glow,
On everything in sight.

An infinite reaction,
As the tiniest of things collide.
Allowing the darkest of dark,
To come alive.

A brilliant radiance,
An entire world shines anew.
Hope and light endless,
Such warmth in you.

Then a hiding dark,
But just barely a spot.
Although you fight,
With all you've got.

An enormous collapse.
As it all folds in,
A fading eternity,
With no way to win.

A cascade reaction,
An event horizon.
As time stops,
You're realizing.

Fading light,
Once endless and timeless,

Endless and Timeless.
Words unused by the wise.

Since after light has faded,
Nothing survives.

04 18 2008

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