Sunday, February 13, 2011

I’m Unbreakable

“I’m Unbreakable”

I miss someone,
I’ll not say who.
I shall cling to my faggity manliness,
Let you wonder what’s true.

I do miss someone,
While I refuse to say who.
You’re welcome to your gossip,
Those close know it’s true.

But if I’d say,
Actually admitted who.
Do you have it in you to be man enough?
To admit it’s you?

I really doubt it.
Like I doubt the texture of the devils horns.
While roses are beautiful,
But not because they have some thorns.

While the love I had for you,
Is timeless and forever true.
You’re so undeserving.
Yes I see you.

I’m stunning and amazing,
I’m unbelievable.
I’m simply unreal.
I’m Unbreakable.

If anyone ever wants me.
They can always say thanks to you.
For showing me that spoken words,
Are never guaranteed to be true.


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