Monday, February 28, 2011

It Is Frightening ~ 05-02-2008

"It Is Frightening"

I'm going to tell you,
What I'm about to do.
I hate it,
But it's true.

I'm going to let him,
Sleep with me tonight.
Because I know it makes,
Him feel all right.

In the early morning I will lace his treat,
With something to calm him down.
Because I know he will take it,
I am his ground.

He will relax,
And we will load him into the car.
He will be drugged,
And won't care how far.

Then they will give him a shot.
And I will hold him till he's gone.
It is frightening,
To be this strong.

05 02 08

I wrote that last night and now it's done.

Someone came this morning and helped me get him into the car and he drove us up to the vet.

Then they came out to the car and I held his head while they gave him the shot. Then I had to walk away while my driver helped the Vet take Bubba away.

I don't know how I would have done this without the help of my driver and I'd like to think it wasn't an easy thing for you either, so thank you.

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