Monday, November 23, 2015

Temper Your Thoughts

“Temper Your Thoughts”
You walk into the grocery,
You need just two cans of corn.
But we will let them starve,
Those Syrian born.

Call in to justify,
Those you could have already aided.
Our own pour and hungry.
Well that time has passed and your objection has faded.

We don’t hope for them,
Not against our heart and hearth.
They are Syrian,
Not children of the earth?
Children of the earth?
Only those worthy Christ like and safe?
When you settle time and your soul,
Will your soul so berate?
Just who exactly,
Will the core of your soul,

Measure your moments,
Temper your thoughts.
Or will you wither what you have wrought?

Danny Gunter

You will live in this crop of death and desperation, while my conscience is clear.  I will never have the need to lie to a young one that my heart was in the wrong place.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Just Like You"

“Just Like You”
We are not silent,
Regardless of the T.
You need to reach, to see,
Beyond the T.

We are more,
Than an idea or reality.
We are no less than,
You or me.

We hope and we dream,
Just like you.
We hope and we love,
Just like you.

Danny Gunter