Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Simple Combination of Some Simple Words

“A Simple Combination of Some Simple Words”

Have you ever sat silent in the dark,
As pen hovers under merciless glare?
Where those demons haunt,
Lurking breathless under authors stare.

Have you ever juggled with the letters?
Toyed with the Yang or traced the Yin?
A word or two away from once upon a time,
Or do you remember when?

Have you ever blotted out the sun?
Cracked apart the moon?
Silenced the biggest bang?
Let the perfect moment come to soon?

Just one still birth in a manger,
From a starry to a starless night.
A simple combination of some simple words,
Any author depending on his mood might write.

I have sat quiet in the dark.
As pen hovered under my heartless glare.
Sometimes it is just too dark.
So I sit silently and stare.

Danny Gunter

1 comment:

  1. Also wonderfully beautiful. This one makes me think, imagine, dream. I think you're more talented than you'll ever realize. I love you, babe :-)