Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Long Road

“The Long Road”

I watch them laugh,
Perhaps unaware of the fragility.
An awareness that's become,
A center of me.

Do I protect my soul?
Or do I not see wat came before?
Every single thing,
This life is for?

I've taken the risk,
Survived my 40 days of rain.
Cried countless tears,
Survived that pain.

I'm unwilling to hand another,
Such power.
I really don’t care if this is my first,
Or final hour.

I've walked the long road,
Abandoned by friends I believed were true,
And in my darkest of hours,
No one was there especially you.

Danny Gunter

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Last Meal on the Titanic

I was watching a show about the Titanic and they said that every evening the 1st Class Passengers enjoyed a wonderful 11 course meal.  Astonished at just the idea I did some research and found the menu.  If you wanna see it, just click the link below.

On the night of April 14th, 1912 a group of well-dressed men and ladies sat down to their final meal on a cruise ship. It was a decadent meal - but then again, so was the meal they had eaten the previous night. And rightly so. Each diner had paid over what these days would amount to $125,000 to be there.

Sunday, June 26, 2011



I am not questioning
The reasons you felt
You needed to go
How you could have treated me like that
Is what I want to know

Never was I
Less than there for you
So you can imagine my confusion
In understanding what you do

Never less than honest
You struck me down with lies
And then ignored
My cries

Was I cruel
Awful or untrue
Did I do to you

You were my hope
Were my star
Did I do
To deserve this scar


Friday, June 24, 2011



I want a tattoo across my chest.
I’m old enough to see,
How things are.

No I’m not suicidal,
Just here long enough to grasp,
How many pictures can fit,
Between the clasps.

Sometimes within an album,
Other times on disc.
Sometimes in a locket,
All so easy to miss.

I’ve never wanted a lot,
I never really did.
Thought I stepped into the light,
But into the dark I slid.

I need a tattoo across my chest.
I’m old enough to see,
How things are.

Danny Gunter

Thursday, June 23, 2011



I lie here silent,
Drowning in remorse.
Because of you of course.

All you really did,
Was validate what I already knew.
I let you in knowing already,
What things in life were true.

Still I risked it.
Knowing I stepped out upon the ledge.
But the fall from you was hateful.
I cannot reconcile heart and head.

You were my Angel.
Righting all that was wrong.
When you revealed your secret.
I’d never felt a loss so strong.
I walked against the knowing,
I believed in you.
While you laced my heart with dreams,
And none of it was true.

Danny Gunter

Monday, June 20, 2011

We Weren’t Expecting You

“We Weren’t Expecting You”

Love is strong,
Yeah, it conquers all.
Like a tree left hungry,
As the leaves drop in the fall.

A knock on the door,
Fixing dinner on the phone not sure what to do.
End the call, turn down the stove and answer the door.
Oh he’s just outside, mowing the lawn, we weren’t expecting you.

No, no you’re mistaken.
Why would he lie down out there?
I’ll go and get him,
You can wait there, in that empty chair.

I’ll be right back.
I’ll get him, your mistaken, it's true.
Have a seat, I’ll be right back.
We weren’t expecting you.

Danny Gunter

Tuesday, June 7, 2011



He cried once.
That was a long time ago.
Aimlessly clambering,
In a world he cannot know.
We can grasp at the pieces,
Try to make the puzzle have meaning.
But that won’t help a heart,
Or eyes that are stinging.
Your eyes may cry,
Until they’re red.
As you wish upon an evening star,
For better days ahead.

There is no map.
There is no guide.
But if you pay attention,
There are plenty of places to hide.

Danny Gunter

Friday, June 3, 2011

To Leave The Floor

“To Leave The Floor”

A whole lot of people believe,
That I’ve all but given up.
On all of the possibilities,
Of what can fill life’s cup.

But that’s not true.
When I met him I knew a lot of what to,
And not,
To do.

I’d witnessed ravages,
Of broken hearts.
Witnessed the savage pain,
As they’re torn apart.

But I did glimpse a moment,
And I edged out upon the limb.
Deep down inside my dreams and soul,
I really did love him.

I trusted and I believed,
Against every tear I saw, so many endure.
I did it knowing that there’s never a way,
To be sure.

Yes, we can tell ourselves,
That in each day light is born anew.
But people will always treat people,
Like they always do.

And someday you will dance,
Like you’ve never danced before.
But the DJ always plays a song that makes you want,
To leave the floor.

Danny Gunter