Friday, May 27, 2011

But I Don’t Like It Anymore

“But I Don’t Like It Anymore”

My head don’t like the thought,
Of tomorrow.
Like I assume blood feels,
As it’s pushed through the morrow.

Another sunrise,
Another day.
In the words of any of the wise.
We should appreciate in every way.

But in my experience it’s like walking through mud,
Each step more heavy by the one that came before.
And I’m sorry if it makes me a bitch.
But I don’t like it anymore.

Danny Gunter

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I’m Five Foot Eight

“I’m Five Foot Eight”

Have I run out of the words?
Or run out of the will?
I feel like I’ve stood against this raging wind,
I’ve stood until.
Until I’m just so tired,
Until I just no longer want to explain.
Like I’m just spewing words,
That vanish in vain.
I don’t want permission.
I don’t need respect.
I feel like I’ve run out of things,
I need to protect.
I’m tired of shouting my silence,
Against an unhearing wall.
I’m five foot eight.
And I’ve no need to be anymore tall.
Danny Gunter

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Gift

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"The Gift"

I'm jealous of the normal people,
Who can give their hearts away.
Who are not looked down upon,
For tender words they say.

I'm jealous of the normal people,
Whose dreams have a chance to come true.
There was never a chance,
What I felt for you.

I'm jealous of the normal people,
That never realize.
The gift they have been given.
Not so unlike the gift,
That I saw within your eyes.

Danny Gunter



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Have you ever lost something?
You just couldn't find.
Often right in front of you.
We can be so blind.

Sometimes what you're looking for,
It's right there.
We look right past it.
So unaware.

You can misplace a wallet.
Have you ever lost a key?
It can be right there,
And we fail to see.

You can loose a ring.
Misplace a book.
So hard to find.
How long should you look?

I've lost something.
Don't know where it could be.
I've lost something.
I've lost me.

Dg - 01/2006

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just Fairy Tales

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"Just Fairy Tales"

The fairy tales
All that and before
Then you reach that point
Where it doesn't matter anymore

Promise me this
Promise me that
But can you promise me
A way back

After you break your word
After your lies are unfurled
Can you promise me happy
In that kind of world

I suppose not
Not a person like you
But you're like all of them
Never understanding true

So offer me a fairy tale
But I will not believe
Been down the golden brick road
With nothing to retrieve

Just fairy tales
With all that and before
And then you reach that point
Where it doesn't matter anymore

Danny Gunter

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Same Shit

“The Same Shit”

It’s just another day,
On an uncaring world.
I believe winds would fill the sails,
If only they were unfurled.

But I guess we are all to narrow.
Just wading through our days.
This shit.
The same shit,
Is always going to be the way.

And I’m no better.
I too lose my sanity in the brilliance of the sun.
And I do feel like my suffering is special,
Just mine not like anyone’s.

I can walk into the bathroom.
Hugging the toilet lying on the floor.
Wishing just wishing I could vomit up all the bile.
Flush away what came before.

So place your money on the table,
The spinner is about to spin.
Reds or blacks, odds or evens,
But there’s never any chance to win.

It just is what it is,
We all are paralyzed.
Between what we hope and wish,
And the reality before our eyes.

Danny Gunter

Sunday, May 1, 2011


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You can't be this stupid.


Let me break it down.

You know all those years,
When we each,
We were around?

Yeah that was nice,
There were days,
That felt like bliss.

But I'm sorry,

Shouldn't lead,
To feeling like this


Maybe you made a mistake.


Maybe you were wrong.

But commitment,
Takes conviction,

And well that,

Requires strong.


You had an oops,
Or a boo boo.

But that hurt was me.

Did that occur to you?

In all that time,
It took,
To realize your mistake,
I already believed,
Never knowing,
You were fake.

In the all years,
It took,
To realize your untrue…

It was just too late…

I believed in you...