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A Skydiving Day: I've had a good life ~ 05-17-2008 ~

Original Post: May 17th, 2008
A Skydiving Day: I've had a good life.

So the day started early, we arrived at the little airport before 11 am.

Tammy, Lisa and I were doing the tandem jump. Crystal, Sean, Brad, Sara, Anne Marie, Lisa's Cousin (can't remember her name) and John were there for support and to watch our silly asses jump.

IT TOOK ALL FREAKING DAY! I don't think Tammy jumped till around 2 and she did really good! Lisa went next and then me. We had a lot of "fun jumpers" in between us.

When I was up, they harnessed me up and it was a quick lesson then we got on the plane (a very little plane).

Once we got close to altitude, he hooked me up to him in the plane (a very little plane) and we scooted on our butts to the door. The wind was so strong.

He put his left leg out, then my legs were out, then his leg.

Then we rocked back and forth 3 times and woosh! I was in free fall from 11,000 feet!!!

You're just falling and it's all so fast and amazing and crazy!

Then he pulled the chute to open. OH MY GAWD it feels like you are rushing up into the sky! I LOVED THAT PART!

But when he opened the canopy it didn't work quite right. I could tell that something wasn't quite right because he was jerking and tugging on stuff.

I was like "Is something wrong?" (we were shouting)

He replied "Just hang on. I will fell a lot better when I get this under control…" (or something close to that).

I said "Well, you can explain it when we are on the ground…"

"Ok, hang on…"

He was jerking and stuff, then we finally kind of twisted around and everything was calmer and I could tell everything was ok and finally he said "There, now just enjoy your ride."

We floated around and when we landed I even got to land on my feet!!!

I can not explain properly how amazing it all was. I am still freaking beside myself.

I will admit that when I knew that we had a problem (the chute had gotten tangled), and I was forced to face the realization that 'WOW this might not go well' I kind of surprised myself.

I thought quickly, ok, what am I going to do?

Then I of course realized that there was nothing I could do.

So I looked down at the ground, and I thought 'I really might die…'

Then I thought … 'I've had a good life, this fucking sucks, but I've had a good life'

(I'm very happy with that.)

After that I relaxed and let my diver guy take care of stuff it was all good.

I know that it was an awesome experience for Tammy and Lisa too! I will not attempt to recount their experience.

Even with my mishap, I would so do it again and if you have ever thought you might like to do it, I think you should. It was beyond words amazing!


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  1. Dsnny...I have always wanted to skydive. I am so jealous of your adventure but i am glad you got to do it. The Hat Lady