Monday, October 17, 2016

No Not Anymore

“No Not Anymore”
No, no you have to stop.
I can’t catch my breath.
It feels like I’ve been running for miles,
And it’s scaring me to death.
I can’t stop.
Running, running.
If I stop it will be my death.
I’m not hiding or shunning.

No, No.
I can’t stop no matter what.
What I do isn’t for me.
It’s all been for you.

I can’t do this.
Not anymore, the dam is breaking and not like before.
I can’t hold it back,
No not anymore.
I have no clue why, but at least it’s out of my head. Makes no sense at all, but my brain feels better.  I feel like it needs more words or to be more expansive, but it shut my brain up and I'm good with that.