Friday, July 22, 2011

An Empty Balcony

“An Empty Balcony”

For my entire life,
I’ve been beaten.
Bludgeoned so many times before.
My spine shattered as fractured ribs punctured my lungs.
And I just do not want to do it anymore.

And I realize that every single person close to me,
Would advise me not to see it that way.
Another doorway another chance.
The sun always rises far passed today.

I fall, I crash, I get up.
It is nothing new.
Still I should hope,
I should listen to you.

Well allow the pain,
To well up in you.
And then walk out on an empty balcony,
That’s what I do.

Danny Gunter



It seems like every pillar I build,
Is always destined to crumble.
That every stone I set,
Will find a way to tumble.

Every castle I build,
Always rests on sand.
Then the wind whisks in tossing it away.
I just don’t understand.

I’m honest and truthful.
I’m generous and polite.
So I huddle in the muck,
Wondering if I’ve done right.

I know about the pillars,
I comprehend the sand.
Why does every single thing I love vanish?
I just don’t understand.

Danny Gunter

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Exploding Nova

“Exploding Nova”
For most of my life,
I’ve been forced to drift on a current.
Beyond my control.
That’s something I really resent.
I had what you might call a second home,
A lot of people I really adore.
I mistakenly believed,
That I wouldn’t have to move anymore.
But here I am,
Forced out on the current yet again.
As I’m pushed to start another chapter,
I never wanted to begin.
From the exploding Nova,
Then bridging the gap that was our Link.
And my heart really hurts.
Makes it hard to think.
So I’ll just say,
I’m going to miss you all.
The hurt runs deep.
For such a simple fall.

So from that exploding Nova,
Reeling from the severed Link.
It makes my heart hurt.
It makes it very hard to think.
I’m really going to miss you all a lot.
Please take care my friends.
Danny Gunter

Monday, July 18, 2011

While I Still Cry

“While I Still Cry”
There are a lot of people,
Who will tell you how people come and go.
That it is somehow ok,
Even after you know.

Still there are a few people
Who touch your life in such a way.
What you can barely perceive.
That any simple moment will feel ok.

Sometimes there are people,
Maybe unknowing how deeply they touch your life.
How in their unseeing presence,
They have the power to lift you above the strife.

Sometimes they rush in,
Then rush out and never understand.
Just how blissful was the touch,
Of their hand.

Perhaps they cannot grasp.
Perhaps they cannot trust,
How they showed us a world like that,
Then simply vanish after all they offer us?

Can you explain your actions?
Can you explain what you showed to me?
Can you in any way justify,
The false hope you endowed to me?

I think not.
You are just a hallow soul.
And I suppose that simply makes me,
The toll.

From where I still cry.
It is so horribly sad in my eyes.
You will walk absent of the feeling for all time.
As I will forever shed tears trying to fill your lies.

We should be more,
Such an abundance of absence.
While I still I cry,
In the present tense.

Danny Gunter

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Sediment

“The Sediment”

Now the tide that forces the waters,
To erode such beautiful shores.
I’d have stood against an army,
For just a little more.

Was I so insignificant,
That I lacked the condition of a requirement,
Or a cause or any kind of sort,
Of some sort of explanation,

Was I so horrible?
That I didn’t deserve a why?
Was I actually so terrible,
That you feared my eyes?

I belive that I was understanding.
I know that I was true.
Now I ponder against every star,
Wondering how much was actually you.

It’s been so long now,
That the question itself is irrelivent.
Still I muddle through,
The sediment.

Danny W Gunter

Be It Day or Dark

“Be It Day or Dark”

Have you ever just stopped,
And stared at the sky.
Be it day or dark,
Marveling at its depth.

Astounded by such unlimited possibility.
Have you ever stared into a mirror,
And simply wonder,
Who you might be?

We are little more than fragments,
Caught inside a theoretical climb.
Are these thoughts more,
Or are they simply mine.
If you look into the heavens,
And simply recognize how vast.
We realize how fleeting,
We really are in what’s passed.

Danny W Gunter

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



I do not want to wake up tomorrow,
Knowing I will just vomit again and again.
I cannot picture anyone who,
Hopes for their day to begin.

Inside the dry heaves,
After the morning beverages are gone.
It wears out the soul after it has gone,
For so long.

It makes you question your sanity,
Wonder in what you do and do not believe.
And a pocket full of napkins,
May wipe away but offer no reprieve.

It makes you so tired,
You just want to lay down your head.
Somehow knowing,
There must be better instead.

Danny Gunter

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Maps

“The Maps”

We speak as we should be silent,
Believing we know the universe.
As if we are knowing and understanding,
As if we had rehearsed.

We always place ourselves upon the pinnacle,
Of every single thing there is to understand.
And we draw the maps,
Always long before we really understand.

Our world is still flat,
Yet we hold ourselves in such high regard.
And we have lack any wisdom,
Even our foresight falls so short,
Where it all is measured from.

I think and therefore I know I am.
Still we trespass leaving our marks in the dirt and sand.
We always draw the maps,
Long before we understand.

Danny Gunter

Saturday, July 9, 2011



It is my belief that we all walk,
Between the pillars of devastation.
We seek simple moments,
Upon the sandy beaches of relaxation.

It is my belief that all of this,
Is a lesson in the suffering,
Within the sight of those things,
That lifts us to enlightening.

A monstrous test,
In no way enlightening.
Cannibals ingesting flesh,
At every turn frightening.

I can’t see a point.
I can’t understand the objective.
And against belief,
I am still reflective.

Danny Gunter

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Death

“The Death”

Have you ever longed,
Yearned to hear a song?
Knowing as you search,
It has never been sung?
Have you ever paged through the dictionary,
Just longing, searching for a word?
Hoping, scratching letters in the dark,
For something spoken but never heard?
I am searching, I am looking,
For something never seen.
Hoping that there is something,
Somewhere in between.
I suppose at the bottom of the lung,
While the body cravingly pleads for one last breath.
That must be the longing and the hoping,
Just prior to the death.
Danny Gunter

Monday, July 4, 2011



We are such an arrogant people.
Knowing beyond belief the world was flat.
I wonder how many were lost,
Just arguing, trying to disprove the fact.

We knew beyond belief.
We knew we were the center the heavens circled us.
People were stoned and burned alive,
Disproving that simple trust.

We knew that rainbows were symbolic.
Created by Gods will and hand.
Until a man of science stepped up and spoke,
Until we would listen and understand.

How many were deemed possessed.
While burdening an autistic life.
How many bleed and died,
Long before the knife.
So knowing and so arrogant.
We know and just won’t see.
Like the people of Easter Island,
Who knew that they were cutting down.
Their very last tree.

A perfect example of how arrogant,
A civilization can be.
Danny Gunter

The Tears Still Fall

“The Tears Still Fall”

You’d think.
That after all of these years,
My oceans would be dry,
Void of tears.

Still the levees break,
The tears still fall.
Though I was at the center of it,
I never really witnessed it at all.

Pulled into the splendor,
Of what I never sought to begin.
Knowing light falls into the void,
Learning that the brightness of the light,
Can never truly win.

Danny Gunter

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Marvel At The Tragedy

“Marvel At The Tragedy”

We do have days,
Filled by joy at the brim.
Just as the most beautiful flower,
Resides on a stem.

A rose on the stem,
Laced, defended with its thorns.
Just as any other beauty,
We marvel at the storms.

Are we any better,
Marvel at the tragedy.
Like the audience and gladiators,
Making me feel better about me.

Danny Gunter