Sunday, May 24, 2015

Companies who advertise on 19 and Counting that need to pull their ads

General Mills pulls ads from '19 Kids and Counting' after molestation scandal

That's a start but that's only one advertiser. We need to contact the rest of their advertisers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email to let them know they need to pull their financial support from this show, otherwise it show that they're okay with what Josh did for years to his own sisters and okay that his parents defrauded the country by sweeping this under the rug. 

WRITE TO THESE ADVERTISERS TO GET THE SHOW OFF THE AIR: Kellogg's, Benjamin Moore, CVS, Geico, Macy's, McDonald's, Panera Bread, State Farm Insurance, Walgreens, Behr, ConAgra, Wyndham Hotels, Oscar Meyers, Friskies and Lowes.

TLC is actually considering keeping the show going sans Josh and/or airing a separate show with the sisters. The Duggars should be off the air completely.