Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I Support Occupy Wall Street

Before the crash there were 3 major contributors. Lenders (Banks), Hedge Funds (Investors, i.e.: Meryl Lynch) and Insurance (i.e.: AIG).
Lenders were giving loans using money provided by Investors. Investors were investing money and selling bundles of investments back and forth saying the bundles were sound and safe to invest in.
The Investors also took out insurance on their investment bundles knowing they were very unsafe investments. So when a bundle of investments failed, the Investors had already made huge sums of money on the sale then they made huge amounts of money when the investments failed.
AIG really got the hind end in all of this and was one of the first companies to receive bail out money because if AIG collapsed it would have devastated the economy.
That’s it in a nut shell, my simple explanation.

Monday, November 28, 2011

"I Was There"
I was there in the black.
I was there in the void.
I was there in the confrontation,
You avoid.
Did you think that no one would notice?
Did you think that no one would care?
Or have you forgotten,
That I was there?
I was there in the black.
I was there in the void.
I was there in the confrontation,
You avoid.
Did you doubt?
Did you question?
In the time before,
What was done?
What did you think?
What do you believe?
What from the shadow,
Do you receive?
You are the only,
The only one who knows.
The secrets of where,
This goes.
I was there in the black.
I was there in the void.
I was there in the confrontation,
You avoid.
Danny Gunter

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do You Know The Cost

"Do You Know The Cost"

There really are no answers,
Other than the place,
You allow your wondering to rest.
Regardless of how trivial or monumental,
The test.

You can place importance,
Upon those intangible dreams.
Then lost to the smoke of time,
It seems.

You can place importance,
Upon that which you can touch.
Perhaps the storm winds will blow,
And you will miss so much.

That which is gone.
That which is lost.
And only in its value to you.
Do you know the cost.


Danny Gunter
10 7 07

Thursday, November 17, 2011


My friend is participating in Occuply LA today, here is a timeline of todays events, sounds like everyone did a good job (Including Law Enforcement)

7am PST-Occupy LA organizes near 4th Street and Figueroa in downtown LA. The Service Employees Union is the main organizer & they are there in abundance. The plan, march to 4th Street and Fig & set tents out & circle the tents in an act of civil disobedience & wait until they are arrested

9:23am PST-The protester's permit expired at 8:23 am, it is now an hour later & the police have assembled about a block away from the main sit-in. 18 have linked arms & encircled the tents that are in the middle of the intersection.

9:50am PST-The police are using a tactic to separate the main protesters (the 18 in the circle around the tents) from the rest of the crowd by simply pushing them back with merely their presence, the crowd is responding to their request to move back.

10:00am PST: Riot geared officers are about a block away, but do not move forward, as regular uniformed officers disperse the crowd.

10:30am PST: The crowd has mostly moved to the sidewalks & now there is a double row of people, officers on one side, and the Occupy LA organizers forming a line on the other, keeping the two sides separated.

10:45amPST: The officers in riot gear have moved in and formed a circle around the circle of main protesters and are now beginning to move them an arrest them one by one. A police videographer is there to document each arrest.

11:00am PST: All is calm, the main 18 have all been arrested and the crowd is moving peacefully to 4th and Flower, in front of Bank of America for a small rally.

THX Lucky-Dog Stephens ! Pass it on for everyone. It's silly for anyone to get hurt that includes Police, protestors & bystanders.

Old Doors

"Old Doors"

Our path of life,
Leaves us with many old doors.
Some that you miss,
Others hold resentment from before.

Everyone glances,
Down those old halls.
Faded frames of old doors,
Litter and adorn the walls.

I have one old door,
I reinforced with concrete and stone.
I sealed the frame,
With dreams, flesh and bone.

When you lifted your hammer.
Only debris after you razed.
In utter disbelief,
I cried as I gazed.

The fact became clear,
Nothing can resist gravity.
The romantic fantasy faded,
As it fell into reality.

Danny Gunter

Wednesday, November 16, 2011



The world might be beautiful, 
If you couldn't see it for what it was.
The tiger is alluring,
absent its teeth and claws.
The shark is fluid,
As it glides the seas.
Still coldly dark in it's eyes,
and teeth.
The honeybee is brilliant,
As it hovers on fragile wings.
Beautiful like humanity,
Deceiving with it's sting.

Danny Gunter

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Land of the Free

"The Land of the Free"
Mobilize into action
We are American after all
Crumbling ash
Blinding eyes
Hear the call
The innocent suffered
For what indecent cause
And the ignorant in far away nations
They offered applause
And why should I care
It of course was deserved
We offered our arms
And this cost
We reserved
Well of course that would include
You and me
And of course it doesn't matter
If you can't see
We are American
The pagan, the God fearing
And the others
They are we
The Buddhists
The Muslims
The Christians
The Jehovah's
Oh and yes of course
We are Americans
Or can you not see
From the outside
These boundaries don't exist
In this country of we
For we are America
The Land of the Free
Danny Gunter

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

’Twas A Night Around Christmas

“ ’Twas A Night Around Christmas ”
See our smiles?
That light in our eyes?
Just another Christmas,
Nobody fought or cried.
Suddenly so quiet.
Suddenly so gone.
In those irrevocable weeks.
So much went wrong.
Before you could see.
The joy of our smiles.
The bright in our eyes.
‘Twas only for a little while.
‘Twas a night around Christmas.
A soul dimmed in the house.
And nobody noticed.
Not even a mouse.
Danny Gunter
She knew us and she loved us.
Se would never be less than proud of us all.
She was awesome and we were blessed.
Never doubt that!


I miss my life,
As if I'm qualified to say,
What this isn't or is,
What parts are ok to keep?
What parts ok to let go?
And still remain me?
I want to know.
Which hurt is valid?
When is the laughter true?
When's it ok that someone,
Make a wreck of you?
A hit and run,
Or drive by shooting,
How many lives?
I keep rebooting.
Start over from scratch?
I'm running out of windows.
I'm running out of doors.
I just don't want to hurt,
I miss my life.
As if I'm qualified to say,
What this isn't or is,
09 16 07

Monday, November 7, 2011


An echo of laughter, in the blink of an eye,
I don’t want to lose this.  So lonely am I.
The spark of hope, in the wake of a dream.
This hurts so much I just want to scream
The memory of a smile, in a wishes last breath.
Have I lost you already?  It scares me to death.
A moment of thanks in the second of giving.
Without you here, life isn’t worth living.
Danny Gunter

Bill Maher on Super Rich

Wall Street Occupation for Dummies

I'm for the occupy movement but the protesters need to know their local, state & federal laws governing assembly both in private & public. The crazy baptists protest EVERY THING & never get gassed, maced or pelted.  WHY? They know & observe the law.  If you are protesting legally and they violate your right to (legal) free assembly, hello law suit.  I refuse to believe only the Crazy Baptists are able to understand how it works.  They have signs at funerals  Thanking God for Dead Fags and Dead Soldiers because they do it within the law.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Revolving Door

"A Revolving Door"

I believe life is like,
A revolving door.
In the rotation you find things,
That should stay or not reside anymore.

Pleasing and hurtful are assigned a floor.
The important is destined a penthouse suite.
Sometimes the alarm sounds,
And you must retreat.

Stand by the curb,
Evaluating potential harm.
A fire, a storm but the same feelings,
Sound the alarms.

I got a message,
From an old friend today.
Departing a new place.
New is a word I choose to say.

For everyone in my life,
I’ve chipped a place in my heart for you.
Most chips are filled with a warm,
But a few are zero cold its true.
I can go years,
And say hello like its yesterday.
The universe knows that I never,
Run out of things to say.

So I hope that you and I,
Share a star in the sky.
I’ll not forget,
Even though I cried.

I’m home knowing life is like,
A revolving door.
In the rotation you find the things,
That should warm or grow cold evermore.

Danny Gunter

Wednesday, November 2, 2011



I began with a knowing,
Always thought it was a curse.
Hello through goodbye,
A phrase so often rehearsed.

I'd sifted through the wreckage,
So often with people I loved.
Even though I knew the risks,
I let myself rise above.

I knew the risks.
Still I answered the call.
Only to crash.
Such a long fall.
In a moment of your fear,
Or a moment of clarity.
You opened up revealing what you were,
How you felt and what you thought of me.

So I'm back where I began.
What most believe a destination.
Truth is I’ve just come full circle,
In my book of Revelations.

Danny Gunter