Saturday, December 24, 2016

“She never knew me”
She never knew me.
I was a person few people knew.
She never really knew me.
She never could really see.
Nobody could see,
They may have known,
But there’s no way,
No way they could see.
It was so empty,
So very quiet.
No one wanted to hear or talk.
To break the silence.
She never knew me.
I was a person few people knew.
She never really knew me.
She never could really see.
Danny Gunter

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Lonely

“The Lonely”

Was I nine?
Or all of ten?
When I learned of The lonely.
I knew about it way back then.
The lonely,
I don’t think I’d wish that on anyone.
Even after all the hate filled words,
Have been poured out against everyone.
The lonely,
We all get lost, 
I could wish that hurt for you,
But weren’t we star crossed?
The lonely,
I guess we all have it,
We are all exposed.
I just never had,
Immunity to what I chose.
So my soul withers.
I never understood the choice.
I know you said you would be here always.
Even though I heard, it must not have been your voice.
And I am getting by.
I can manage myself from day to day.
I just have to remind myself.
That no one means, they never believe,
Any of what they say.
Danny Gunter

Monday, October 17, 2016

No Not Anymore

“No Not Anymore”
No, no you have to stop.
I can’t catch my breath.
It feels like I’ve been running for miles,
And it’s scaring me to death.
I can’t stop.
Running, running.
If I stop it will be my death.
I’m not hiding or shunning.

No, No.
I can’t stop no matter what.
What I do isn’t for me.
It’s all been for you.

I can’t do this.
Not anymore, the dam is breaking and not like before.
I can’t hold it back,
No not anymore.
I have no clue why, but at least it’s out of my head. Makes no sense at all, but my brain feels better.  I feel like it needs more words or to be more expansive, but it shut my brain up and I'm good with that.

Friday, February 5, 2016

I told you and I told you

“I told you and I told you.”
I remember the lies, I remember the broken.
When you told me your briary truth.
Where my chance was taken by you.

I told you and I told you.  I wouldn’t survive the lies.
I told you and I told you, what I’d been through.
While you continually lied.

It was just like a movie, it was just like a song.
It's just like when you know better than to believe,
But deep in your soul, you hope that you’re wrong.

I told you and I told you.
Just too much hope, just hoping I was wrong.
I told you and I told you.
Danny Gunter