Monday, September 24, 2012


Crushed I gasp for air.
Can’t scream or speak,
Hope can’t make it right or fair.
While I struggle and gasp,
I wonder dis you really care at all.
I mean I’ve fallen the fall,
Bled on the concrete and walls.
I’m all out of air.
My eyes, my lips, must be blue,
Hope can’t make it right or fair.
I’m all out of air.
My heart won’t fill, is it related?
My lungs won’t fill.
Worn out, 
Danny Gunter

Saturday, September 22, 2012

As Time Was Building Tears

“As Time Was Building Tears”

We all make mistakes,
All of us do.
Why end us like that?
I ask of you.
I can remember the day I met you,
With crystal clarity.
I guess you never really understood,
How much it frightened me.

To fall so hard,
So fast.
I only let you in because,
I really believed it would last.

I believed us to be happy,
Down through our years.
All the while my eyes were merely dams,
As time was building tears.

Miles of salt water rivers,
I never in my heart knew I’d cry.
I never knew my hopes were in a noose,
Just waiting to die.

We all make mistakes,
All of us do.
Why end us like that?
I ask of you.

Danny Gunter
03 04 08

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Don’t Have It In Me

“I Don’t Have It In Me”
I don’t have it in me,
I never did,
Inside an exaggeration of strength,
Is where I hid.

I don’t have it in me,
I’m broken beyond reason.
And there will not be a spring,
In any coming season.

I don’t have it in me,
There will be no light in the coming dawn,
There is too much absent,
There is too much gone.

I don’t have it in me,
There will be no release with the setting sun.
I can’t find any peace,
In what’s been done.

Danny Gunter
03 17 08

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Temporary Me


"A Temporary Me"

I want the moments to matter,
Later down the line.
Someone to count on,
Not just left behind.

I want the I love you's,
To never feel like lies.
I don't want to feel this alone,
When I need to cry.

I want the kisses to be special,
Never feeling second rate.
I want to believe the power,
When someone whispers of fate.

I want my hugs,
When I come through the door.
I don't want to feel,
Forgotten anymore.

I want free of the feeling,
Being swallowed by fear.
Giving another too much power,
If I let them near.
I know I'm nothing special, 
Nothing fantastic to see.
Will anyone ever want more,
Than a temporary me?

Danny Gunter

Learn To Walk Away


Learn To Walk Away
To walk away, to let go,
Learn a lesson.
Give up your heart,
Then run and hide
Within your mind.

Close all the doors,
Shut out the soul.
Rise in the morning,
Starts another day.

The years go by
Birth and then you die.
Live only for yourself,
Give in to no one,
And forget the past.

It is hard to remember,
When it felt like this.
Feelings run away,
Crashing into other feelings.

Loss replaces hope.
Hate replaces fear
Have little fear, and, do not hate.

Love comes all too often,
Always new and fresh.
Surely it will come again.

It should be strongly embraced,
Not, out of perspective.
Remember, caution keeps pain away,
For there will always be rain.

Written by Paul-Michael “LuckyDog” Stephens© 1977

*this one isn't mine, it was written by a friend of mine when I was 7 years old.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Words Fall in Place

"Words Fall in Place"

Lost in the words 
A swirl of emotion 
A boundless pain 
A misplaced devotion

The pen circles 
Shedding its ink 
A maze of memories 
So hard to think

The paper submits 
Holds letters fast 
Eyes glance back 
Better days past

Words fall in place 
Across the line 
Crying for something 
Never mine

Danny Gunter

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Event Horizon


“An Event Horizon”

Endless ball of fire,
Powering soft warming light.
Timeless a soft gentle glow,
On everything in sight.

An infinite reaction,
As the tiniest of things collide.
Allowing the darkest of dark,
To come alive.

A brilliant radiance,
An entire world shines anew.
Hope and light endless,
Such warmth in you.

Then a hiding dark,
But just barely a spot.
Although you fight,
With all you’ve got.

An enormous collapse.
As it all folds in,
A fading eternity,
With no way to win.

A cascade reaction,
An event horizon.
As time stops,
You’re realizing.

Fading light,
Once endless and timeless,

Endless and Timeless.
Words unused by the wise.

Since after light has faded,
Nothing survives.

Danny Gunter
04 18 2008