Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Don’t Like the Sound

“I Don’t Like the Sound”

I was handed a spark.
It happened a long time ago.
But what am I to do with it,
Is what I’d like to know?

I’ve no grievances,
With sickness, need or death.
I understand why we breathe,
Why we must draw breath.

I get that thinking too little of another,
Living creature is somehow wrong.
I understand my place,
I know my family is strong.

For the better part of my life,
I couldn’t understand hate.
That soundless blinding rage,
That should only be delivered by fate.

I’m not so stupid that I don’t understand,
What I was gifted deep inside my soul.
I’m not so unseeing,
That I don’t understand the possible toll.

I know you do it within risk,
I know you do it within trust.
But doing it is not an obligation.
I don’t believe that you must.
I believe that this place,
Is our battleground.
And I’m tired of my voice,
I don’t like the sound.

Because I was handed a spark.
It happened a long time ago.
What should I to do with it,
I’d like to know?

Danny Gunter

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I want to move past it.
I want to move, I want to stay.
I want to seek advice,
When the only truth is what I can say.
On the upside,
Of a decade now.
I’d love to shout unto the stars and heavens,
I've forgiven but I don’t know how.
I wish that I possessed,
Everyone else’s resolve.
But this appears to be a problem,
That only I can solve.
I wish to say I love you.
When I can only hate you.
Somewhere in between those two,
Remains what’s true.
I don’t possess the power to punish.
But I do want you to pay.
Because I gave you my soul and heart,
As you just turned and walked away.
Danny Gunter


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What I Decide To Hide

"What I Decide To Hide"
I’ve been caught up in the clouds,
Embraced by the wind.
Opened truthfully and honestly.
And in a lover found a best friend.

But clouds will always darken,
And shake the earth with lightning and thunder.
As we find peaceful,
As we aimlessly blunder.

Into and out of,
So many souls.
But as you pass the meters,
We all must pay the tolls.
My experience,
And what I decide to hide.
And these choices are my own,
Simply toned by someone amongst anyone
Can lie.
Danny Gunter

Sunday, March 27, 2011

But This

“But This”

I can only offer that my heart,
My dreams and love were built of adamantium.
For those who don’t frequent comic books.
It’s a metal that can’t be broke by nearly anyone.
 Now I’m as beaten and as ragged,
As anyone else upon this earth.
Hell, I can only imagine there are so many out there.
Who’ve survived so much worse.

But this wound is mine.
Not borders or countries, I’m all who bleeds.
And within my words I don’t seek to lessen any others.
Hurts, wounds or any of their needs.

I can only speak of myself,
I can only write of what has touched or impacted me.
I wish I were blessed enough,
To write of things other than what I can see.

I would wrap you up,
In a blanket of comfort safe from the hurt left by time.
I would help and I wish that I could,
But this,
This is just another silly rhyme.

Danny Gunter

wynonna judd - heaven help me


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He doesn't believe,
Like he did before.
He doesn't live here,

Someplace else,
Where dreams come true.
Someplace where it matters,
What you do.

Where promises aren't swallowed,
Like an after dinner mint.
And yesterdays love,
Isn't something you resent.

Someplace where dreams don't fade,
Into black and white.
Someplace where hope,
Doesn't fade into night.

10 7 07

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Painting

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"A Painting"

Picture this a canvas
Adorned in white
For it is a painting
I write tonight

A painting

Of a story too short
Or a bit too long
You know the one
Like that beautiful song

It tells of days
And endless nights
In every moment
When all was right

It tells of the joy
The darkest of fears
Perfect moments
And thundering tears

Picture this a canvas
Adorned in white
For it is a painting
I write tonight




I’ve found myself in a rather awkward place.
Sharing my soul, my heart and my mind.
Honestly the people who actually appreciate that,
Are not so easy to find.

Thus I’m faced with the quandary.
Or more with the question.
Wondering who can observe,
Without objection.
I don’t seek pity,
I simply seek to speak.
Of what weighs heavy upon my spirit.
An audience of peers is what I seek.
Not to reassure,
Or to always say it will be ok.
Simply people to read,
And to relate with what I say.
Danny Gunter

Friday, March 25, 2011

Words Fall in Place

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"Words Fall in Place"

Lost in the words
A swirl of emotion
A boundless pain
A misplaced devotion

The pen circles
Shedding its ink
A maze of memories
So hard to think

The paper submits
Holds letters fast
Eyes glance back
Better days past

Words fall in place
Across the line
As I cry for something
Never mine

01 23 2006

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Never Listen

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"Never Listen"

It whispered to me once,
Back in days gone now.
I try to remember the words,
But their gone somehow.

It whispered about sunsets.
About days with no end.
Something about someone.
A love, a friend.

It whispered of tomorrows.
That never will come.
It whispered of my dreams.
That are now undone.

I believed it when it whispered.
Believed it from the start.
Now I know to never listen.
Never listen, to my heart.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They’ve been there for years

“They’ve been there for years”

The keys on the keyboard,
They’ve been there for years.
Exactly like my hurt,
Exactly like my tears.

Tell a new story,
After all of the words have been said.
Much like an epitaph,
For someone long dead.

A heart can be forced,
Forced to pump blood and do it’s job.
But that machine that makes it happen,
Well that’s not God.

I’d like to say what’s right.
But it goes against what is true.
And my heart does beat,
I just wish I knew for who.

Danny Gunter

Carry Forward

“Carry Forward”

The storm clouds clutter darkly,
As they gather overhead.
This side of a washed out bridge wondering,
Should I be on the other side instead?

Tsunamis break at the crest,
As the quakes break the trust.
As we peer into our souls,
And carry forward what we must.

Carry forward,
As if it were a burden we yearned to bear.
So we wish, wish after wish,
We were never there.

We wipe away the salt,
As seasons rise and fall everywhere.
We summon up the courage to ask.
Are these tears fair?

As we struggle against our peace we wonder,
Why the bees still sting.
How did I ever,
Get pulled into this thing?

But mother earth did shake,
And her tears tore shores apart.
With no perception,
No comprehension of our hearts.

I know that I am very small.
In a complex world of things so tall.
Alas my heart hears many things,
Less than obvious to all.

Danny Gunter

With respect and remembrance to all.

Monday, March 21, 2011


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I write my words
To express how I feel
Catch a feeling
Put it on paper to hold it still

There on the paper
It's stopped in time
The words are emotions
A feeling in rhyme

The words don't come easy
Not like before
Will there come a time
When there are no more

I don't seem to feel
That much at all
You see I fell in love
And it was a lonely fall

My feelings are fading
With a love that was wrong
With the feelings go the words
What will I be when they are all gone

Dg – 1992

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Please Mend

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"Please Mend"

Gentle wind come,
Blow dry these cheeks.
Warming light of tender dawn,
Illuminate what I should seek.

A message from on high,
Guiding hand descend.
A shattered broken soul,
Please mend.


Applying Our Morality

“Applying Our Morality”
It boils in my soul,
Tares through subconscious,
Tares apart my conscience mind.
As I struggle where to place my reliance.

I imagine these are questions,
Do we all not wonder?
Where our soul rests,
As we stop and ponder?
I don’t believe the answers,
Are ever there.
Thus enters our free will.
Applying our morality to which we care.
I come home where I feel safe.
No worries of water, sleep or safety.
As I wind down and allow myself,
To appreciate our land of the free.
Danny Gunter

Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Be Me

“To Be Me”

Just a little person,
Living in a world of billions.
Trying to explain,
Attempting to convey my reasons.

But as much as we would like,
For everyone to understand just like passing seasons.
It’s difficult for others,
To understand our reasons.
And we slink into the darkest corners.
Hide in the awful chaos of what we see.
Hoping no one will ever know, what it is like,
To be me.
Danny Gunter


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That is where we are.
And oh those dreams,
They seem so far.

We wander.
We lust.
Oh how we endeavourer,
Just something,
To trust.

Just breathe,
Breathe alive,
Anything to breathe.
Just anything, anything,
To believe.

What is ok to see?
Is there any of this,
That is actually,

Danny Gunter

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Illusions In The Light

"Illusions In The Light"

It's all empty now,
He's not hoping anymore.
Too many lessons learned,
In what came before.

Maybe wrong,
Maybe right.
But no more,
No more,
Illusions in the light.

I'll not have myself,
Believing in what isn't there.
Endure the walk away,
Like they never cared.

I'll not have myself,
Finding false hope.
Then years upon years,
Learning to cope.

It's all empty now,
He's not hoping anymore.
Too many lessons learned,
In what came before.

Maybe wrong,
Maybe right.
But no more,
No more,
Illusions in the light.

Danny Gunter
12 21 07

What You Left Me With

What You Left Me With

We spent seven wonderful years,
Making memories together.
Shared many special moments,
Quite a few storms weathered.

Point and fact,
Most of those storms were yours.
Never once did I fail.
In that truth, I rest assured.

Fact of the matter,
For six years you lied.
When you confessed,
I broke and I cried.

Then the lies continued.
You agreed we would be fine.
You were only playing,
With my heart and my mind.

Told me you were committed.
While in truth you had a plan.
As I was trying to cope,
Trying hard to understand.

You secretly found an apartment,
Planned to leave while I was gone.
Coming come home to an empty house.
What could be more wrong.

Leaving like you did,
Stripped everything away.
Perverted every memory,
What else can I say?

It took eight weeks,
After seven years.
Before you left.
Leaving me in tears.

Not a day of it was real.
Every moment was a lie.
If that wasn't true,
I think you would've tried.

Or at least had some respect,
For me, the times I was there.
Never failing to show you,
How much loved, how much I cared.

You are a soulless,
Calloused, heartless husk.
Totally undeserving,
Any kind of trust.

So maybe now you get it.
Do you finally understand?
Just don't lie to yourself,
You're not even a man.

Maybe someday you'll realize,
Just what you did to me.
When you're ready for a face to face,
I will hear your apology.

Until you find that courage,
You're far less than human.
That is what you left me with.
This is all you have proven.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011




Do you ever pause a moment,
To think of me?
Just a little time to think,
How I might be.

Do you ever pause to wonder,
If I might be crying?
Does it ever cross your mind,
That my soul is dying?

Do you ever pause to think,
How often I think of you?
Would it bother you to know,
That often I do?

Are you even curious,
About the way that I feel?
About how much I hurt,
Since my heart wont be still?

If you should pause to wonder,
I will hope your heart can see.
That I really did love you.
So pause just a moment,
And spare a thought for me.

Danny Gunter

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Called a Miracle


"It's Called a Miracle"

It's called a miracle
I really wonder why
It only made me hurt
It only made me cry

Years of memories
All an illusion
A shattered past
Full of hurt and confusion

There was not one
Not one good thing
Where's all of the joy
It will supposedly bring

It brought me sorrow
A heart full of pain
A lot of wasted hope
Tears cried in vain

No one is happier
Well maybe you
But I'm not certain
That's even true

It's called a miracle
When I know it can't be
Miracles don't hurt people
But this one hurt me

Perhaps it was broken
Some kind of mistake
Who really knows
Perhaps it was fake

It's called a miracle
So very wrong
And what will be left
When it's finally gone


Monday, March 14, 2011




I'm crying,
Though you cannot see.
I'm hoping,
Though it will never be.

I'm waiting,
Though you will never come.
I'm hiding.
What am I hiding from?

Do I hide from myself?
Do I hide from you?
Or do I hide from the dream,
That will never come true.


Danny Gunter

Sunday, March 13, 2011



So many people can look at me.
They know that I would treat my partner right.
I Lack the ability to know,
Who will or will not leave me lacking any sort of light.
I can’t walk down that road again,
I’ll not be enticed by romantic notions.
I will not again place my heart,
In a space of misplaced devotions.
But it all isn’t bad.
I did get the chance to love with my all.
I held each and every star,
I cradled Orion before my fall.

So I can clearly see how someone might feel,
I’m denying another from knowing my love.
I just can’t be broken like that again,
I just lack the strength to lift myself up again.

Danny Gunter




The sharp edge of morning
Comes bittersweet
Forces me out of
Nights sweet retreat

Harsh is the light
Everything so loud
Filth is the matte
Of the beautiful clouds

Everything is hurt
It has all been tainted
The beauty all lost
From this life I've painted

Only the strangers
Who think they see
But they can't conceive
This void in me

I long the dark and quiet
Nights sweet retreat
The silent bliss of nothing
The home I call defeat


between pillar & post

Over the course of my life, I have pulled between pillar & post.

People used me as a conduit to exert a measure of control of their lives.
I’ve been spoiled, tossed and held high.

I’ve been pride and shame for people who care for and love me.

In younger years, I lived knowing I may have to pack my bags and go live in another place at any time, all dictated by other people’s needs, whims and desires.

They never asked me how it made me feel or what I wanted. They just assumed that my re-location was for the best regardless of how it made me feel.

I have lived in over 10 houses in the Greater Kansas City area and I have been schooled in no less than 9 different school districts.
I do believe that this unwanted diversity added to my character but left me with feeling helplessness living life as a victim in the current of a river.
I don’t have to live like that anymore and I know while misguided, none of it was done with any intent to hurt me or make me feel bad. I liken myself to an important piece on a board game while the adults played their game of Life.
I do not begrudge anyone, but I will not and I do not have to live like that anymore. The rest of this is MINE. I had to get to the age of 40 to say that.
I just want everyone to understand how it felt living and knowing that at any moment that each and every friend could be taken, that every anchor that I had could be pulled away from me at any time leaving me at the mercy of angry seas adrift in this Tsunami of life. Never knowing where I might be next week. My Mom & Dad were amazing people and my sisters were awesome (when they weren’t teasing me).
I am finally out of the reach of that controlling force and no person will ever put me back into that situation again. I will not have it and I am strong enough now to say, NO! THIS IS MY LIFE and I choose and I decide.
I am damn happy and I AM THE ONE who made it that way,

God Hates Danny

I am a gay man with a caring and loving family. I have amazing friends, online friends from all over the world. So I ask a favor.

If you see a story about gay people do this. Replace fags or homo with Danny.

The sign really says “God Hates Danny”.

Remember “Danny cannot legally marry.”

Replace any gay connotation with my name; all of those headlines are about me.

Jamaica 2008

Day 1: Friday, 01-11-08

We arrived early at the airport in Kansas City and arrived in Jamaica around 3 in the afternoon.



After dropping our stuff off at The Gloustershire Hotel we had dinner at Margaritaville in Montego Bay and did a little shopping. We walked home in the rain.





Day 2: Saturday, 01-12-2008

We had breakfast at our hotel then spent the day across the street at Doctor Cave's Beach.







We had dinner at Casa Blanca, overlooking the ocean.






Day 3: Sunday, 01-13-2008

We spent the day at Doctor Cave's Beach.




We went down to the Pelican for dinner.


On the way back, Tammy was begged for her leftovers by a little boy.

Day 4: Monday, 01-14-2008

We went down to the Pork Pit

Then headed to the Craft Fair where we picked up a few items and Tammy got her hair braided.



We went to The Bobsled Café for dinner where we met our awesome waitress Faye.


Day 5: Tuesday, 01-15-2008

In the morning, we went parasailing. First Tammy and I went up together, then Terri gave in she went up!





We had lunch again at the Bobsled Café, there was an awesome live singer. We met one of the Jamaica Bobsledders, Wayne Blackwood. When we were leaving, Tammy blew out her flip-flop and fell.



After lunch we walked under the sea doing the Sea Trek Tour.










That evening we headed down to the Coral Cliff Casino for dinner and a little gambling.





Day 6: Wednesday, 01-16-2008

For lunch we had the Bobsled Café.




Then we enjoyed a 3 hour cruise on the Island Dreamer.







Day 7: Thursday, 01-17-2008

We got on a bus and went on an all day tour to Negril. Our bus driver was Keith and our tour guide was Darlene.


On our way we saw all sorts of houses and a couple of small towns and lots of goats.
We stopped at Margaritaville in Negril and had lunch and enjoyed the afternoon on the white sandy beach! While at the bar there was a man there who balanced all sorts of stuff on his chin and nose, a drink tray, a scarf and even a chair.





After Margaritaville we headed off to Rick's Café to watch a beautiful sunset. Rick's is a pretty popular place it was crowded and people were watching the Master Divers dive from trees that had to be at least 60 feet up.







There were several platforms that patrons could jump from too and I jumped from 35 feet!


Also there were the little street kids that were jumping if you paid them $2.







Day 8: Friday, 01-18-2008

We started early and went on the Trailblazer ATV Tour.


After a short bus ride we got led on a tour up into the mountains that lasted about 2 hours. Our guides were awesome, they showed us different fruits and plants, we stopped a few times to take photos and got to see inside of a very old church where Tammy was married in an impromptu ceremony to our tour guide Thriff.



After we got back to the hotel we went to the Bobsled Café for dinner and did some shopping.
While Tammy was packing Terri and I went down and had some huge margaritas.
That evening we went to the Luminous Lagoon. It is a lagoon where there are microbes that glow when anything moves in the water. I jumped in and swam around for a bit with a few other people that were on the boat.
Day 9: Saturday, 01-19-2008

Was sadly the day we went home and pretty much spent the entire day at air ports.
They had a cool pirate store at the air port in Montego Bay.
While in Charlotte we had dinner at Chili's and we got home around 2 or 3 am on Sunday morning.