Thursday, February 3, 2011

Footprints In The Past

“Footprints In The Past”

A simple lapse in judgment,
A momentary pause.
And what is history,
Other than what was?

An etching of our travels,
A telling of the tales.
A history of the raft,
As the ore becomes the sail.

When voice was the story,
Now printed on the page.
And pages require covers,
As the book fills with age.

We first are still.
We learn to roll,
To crawl.
To walk,
Finally to run.

But only later do we learn,
Footprints in the past,
Cannot be undone.

And any time you travel,
You will pack your baggage for the trip.
Another step upon the mountain.
And hope that you won’t slip.

Danny Gunter

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  1. Excellent again my love. Don't stop.