Friday, March 26, 2010

The Final Curtain Call

“The Final Curtain Call”
~ ~ ~
The credits have been rolling
For years now
I still glance back and wonder
Why and how
These only a few words
Of thousands I wrote
I still glance back and wonder
How it ended on such an empty note
Does it cross your mind
At this the final curtain call
Does it ever cross your mind
At all
I wonder
If you ever realized
That I loved you entirely
Amidst these cries
Not that it matters
Not anymore
I am simply not the same person
I was before
The curtain is about to fall
And the lights will fade to black
As I go with heavy heart knowing
I will not look back
And it seems
It is my time to bow
And take my leave
At least for now
There are tomorrows
That I must explore
I am not the same person
As before
But does it cross your mind
As the final curtain falls
Does it ever cross your mind
At all

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Universal Sign

“A Universal Sign”

We all wonder.
Is there someone out there?
Someone meant for me?
A person, a someone,
Who I just can’t see?

Then you find them.
Every romantic does.
They erase the yesterdays.
Make matterless what was.

Sweeping in between,
The moon and the sun.
They move you,
Unlike anyone.

Make every moment right,
And all the stars align.
As fate descends,
A universal sign.

Then an unforeseen eclipse.
Shadows everything you thought you knew.
As unearthly revelations.
Shatter everything you believed was true.

Vision becomes nightmare,
While the hope and the wish,
Diminish into the dark.
It all becomes ash.

So many ask,
Don’t you want to find someone again?
For me the answer is simple,
No, that’s where the nightmare begins.

And if you’d really like to know,
I mean, if you’d really like to see.
Well just take a good long look,
Witness what’s left of me.


Friday, March 5, 2010

A Voice


“A Voice”

I’m totally horrified,
But I’ll not lend my voice.
Inside my heart,
It’s my choice.

You are free to carry out,
To do what you will.
But blame not me.
When you hurt until.

Until it doesn’t hurt,
It doesn’t hurt anymore.
Until you can’t go back.
What came before.

What’s passed is passed,
You can’t control what will or will not be.
But this is just advice, a voice,
That comes from me.


When I look At You

This really is a beautiful song.  It's true, I've been there.  But I do feel obligated to say, it is a foolish, foolish, place to be.

Miley Cyrus "When I Look At You"

Monday, March 1, 2010




I wait for the words,
To prove I am alive.
Perhaps after all of this,
I did not survive.

Had I survived,
I would see some light.
Not always feel trapped,
In this endless night.

Had I survived,
I would want to feel.
Not have to convince myself,
That I am real.

I have never been
So viciously beaten.
Left lying breathless,
While my soul was eaten.

You left no mark.
Not a single bruise.
I wonder.
Are you so gentle,
With all those you use?

Was I special?
A world-class event?
Or just some marrow for you to suck,
While you paid your rent.