Saturday, January 30, 2010

Against It All

“Against It All”

Do you wrestle?
Shadows of the past.
Something your heart said always?
Something you believed would last?

Do you ever get stuck?
Between today and what might have been?
In the harsh reality,
And memories of then?

But hearts are honest,
And they do not lie.
The struggle between today.
And the tear in your eye.

Are hearts honest?
Do you wrestle with the ever since?
Battle against the knowing,
Of everything that makes no sense?

I struggle,
I walk, I crawl.
Never understanding,
Against it all.

I struggle,
Try to stand tall.
Hoping for an end.
To the fall.

Against it all.



Thursday, January 21, 2010

By Any Means

"By Any Means"

Light a candle
With a burning match
Search my consciousness
And find the latch

Drift with the flame
Slip into my mind
In search a dark power
That I must find

I don my armor
I draw my blade
Seek out pure innocence
That must be unmade

I am the hope killer
The slayer of dreams
Silencer of wishes
By any means

They cannot survive
If I am to move on
I will hunt and purge them
Until they are gone

I pray to be forgiven
This hideous crime
For if I am not
The punishment is mine

I will have tomorrow
I will not be denied
Hope, dreams and wishes
They cannot hide

I am the hope killer
The slayer of dreams
Silencer of wishes
By any means

Dg - 12/05

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Should I exist?
Am I a paradox.
A pair of hands,
With no clock.
I am here,
The woman who birthed me is gone.
It is my first birthday,
Since she passed on.
Tomorrow she will not call,
The phone will not ring.
Showing her number,
It makes my eyes sting.
I would not be here,
Were it not for mom.
And on my day of birth,
I must remember she is gone.
Focus on the moments,
The days she was near.
The paradox of someone gone,
But you know was here.

Sunday, January 17, 2010



Another year passes,
Pushing forty.
No small feat,
But I’m just me.

Invited all,
Co-workers, family and friends.
Eyes play tricks,
A day of birth descends.

They’ve a perception,
They’ve perceived.
A someone, somewhere,
Who believed.

A birthday celebration,
For everyone to see.
And the last person they want to envision.
Is me.


or When

“or When”

When lies your peace?
In the message or the Saint?
When is your tranquility?
In the painter or the paint?

An artist renders art,
Mineral turned to paint.
Paint passes to brush, or hand,
Or pen.

You render tranquility,
From tomorrow,
Or when?

Do you find beauty,
In the mineral, pigment or clay?
Do you find peace,
In yesterday or today?

Do you see beauty?
In the pigment, the paint?
The brush or the pen?
Do you see the art?
The artist?
Or the pen?


Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Do Understand

“I Do Understand”

I’ve got the shot glass,
The t-shirt, got the hat.
Gotta say,
Been there done that.

Seen the sun set.
Seen it rise.
Witnessed a brilliance of beauty.
Too powerful for eyes.

Felt the tide,
Rush in then rush out.
Witnessed the force,
Conceiving what it’s about.

I’ve been present,
As an ocean fades to sand.
I’ve seen the price.
I do understand.

I’ve got the shot glass,
The t-shirt, got the hat.
Gotta say,
Been there done that.



An Empty Page

“An Empty Page”

An empty page.
Resisting words,
Some force would write.
  Absent of wrong,
  Absent of right.

An empty page.
Absent of author, absent of pen.
No distinction of today or tomorrow,
Even of then.

Only a passing of moments.
Through a clear crystal sphere.
No expectations, no shadows.
Of anything here.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

 “Happy Birthday Mom”

It’s your birthday,
I've always called on this day.
So I thought I’d take a minute,
Let you know today was rough,
But I’m doing ok.

It’s been a strange time,
At first there were a lot of tears.
They say it gets easier,
With the passing of years.

Not sure if true,
Not sure if it’s not.
But I’d never want you to think,
That I forgot.

Just wanted to take a minute,
Remember a loved one gone.
Just take a minute,
And say,
Happy Birthday Mom.


Saturday, January 2, 2010



I want to lance my heart,
With this pen.
But that would require me to revisit,

I want to let my blood pour out,
Upon this page.
But then that would reflect,
My age.

I want to impart,
A lesson that can only be learned.
But alas it is a wisdom,
That can only be earned.