Sunday, November 26, 2017

Into The Woods

“Into The Woods”

Into the woods.
A child walks.
Sunlight falls upon the fallen leaves.
I wonder what they are thinking?
I wish that I could.

See into the feelings,
And into their thoughts.
The path looks so clear ahead.
But what are we leaving them?
What have we wrought?

When they are our age,
How will they think?
What will they think,
Of what we have done?

The path looks beautiful and clear.
Bountiful hope appears endless.
But we all know that it is not.
What have we wrought?

Into the woods.
Walk on innocent with hopes.
Because you should.
Leaving us to wonder,
If we all did,
All that we could.

Danny Gunter 11-25-2017
Photo – K.L.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

“The Rope Bridge”
We were walking together,
Across a rope bridge that was the world.
Among it all, in nature and waterfalls.
A simple rope bridge where we could have,
Conquered it all.
Maybe I stepped to slow,
Or you stepped to fast.
It all broke apart, 
It was upon us, yet, our strength had failed.
Our grip loosened and we lost our grasp,
As we swung to either side.
For us it all had fractured and had split apart,
Still the world went on.
The waterfalls kept pouring and,
Nature kept growing.
We were broken slamming against the walls,
So far across the canyon.
Until we fell tossed and turned spiraling,
Into an unyielding current,
Swept away, like everything else,
Just swept away, like everything else.
Danny Gunter


Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Nuclear Family

“A Nuclear Family”
“A Nuclear Family”
A Mommy and a Daddy,
With all the tiny struggles in-between.
And I tell my stories of my Mamma and Daddy,
That not one of my siblings ever seen.

But a decade later,
I can assure there were things,
They’ve never seen.

But I am tired of being irrelevant,
Simply because they weren’t there to see.

I’ve no desire to dismiss,
Any of your unknowing.
But I’ll no longer allowed unheard,
What I witnessed happened.

It was mean and it was awful.

I’ve no reason or place to put this on anyone,
But don’t tell me I don’t remember what I remember.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just Before Our Fall

“Just Before Our Fall”
Silent we set, well too many set silent.
To those who have power.
No complaints to be heard.
Were they really waiting for a date or hour?
Aren't we all are here?
Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender?
Republican, Democrat, or Independent?
White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blind, Deaf, one hand, one arm, one leg, no arms, no legs,
How might this matter?
People are finding monsters in the dark and under the bed.
Convincing them self that this fear is real.
Different religions, colors, left handed, right handed or LGBTQ?
Is any of this significant to you?
We are quite advanced in medicine and psychology.
We can search and learn and simple effort reveals it all.
As we stand upon the cusp,
Just before our fall.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Shadow

“A Shadow”
A shadow,
Just a shadow.
In the morning light.
Defiant you stand like glorious might.
I’m Just a shadow.
And I’ll wilt away.
In the shadow.
No tomorrow, no today.
Just a shadow now.
Nothing to add and nothing to say.
Just like every shadow.
I'll go and wisp away.