Monday, February 14, 2011

My Testament

“My Testament“

I know a lot of people,
Believe me ridiculous.
Since I’ve no desire,
For another rendezvous.
With someone who might be able,
To reach out and touch my heart.
But I’ve no intention again of being,
Torn asunder ripped apart.
But it’s not so dark,
I don’t feel it dismal.
My soul has known the deepest love.
But few people are who they appear.
It messed me up.
It left me full of rage.
And I don’t think it’s healthy,
Living in that cage.
I understand my limits and know I can,
Love with the deepest part of me.
I have topped that mountain.
The path is too treacherous from what I’ve seen.

I don’t enjoy my hatred,
My hurt or resentment.
But I have touched and felt it.
And I'm happy to let that be my testament.

Danny Gunter

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