Saturday, April 24, 2010



The sharp edge of morning
Comes bittersweet
Forces me out of
Nights sweet retreat

Harsh is the light
Everything so loud
Filth is the matte
Of the beautiful clouds

Everything is hurt
It has all been tainted
The beauty all lost
From this life I've painted

Only the strangers
Who think they see
But they can't conceive
This void in me

I long the dark and quiet
Nights sweet retreat
The silent bliss of nothing
The home I call defeat


Friday, April 23, 2010

Grasping At A Universe

“Grasping At A Universe”
I’m staring down into the well,
It’s rather deep tonight.
Grasping at a universe,
Searching for some insight.
What is the reason,
That we are here?
To learn determination,
Or fear?
Are we merely a flashing light?
A moment in time set to fade?
Or some meaningful experience?
Of the choices we have made?
Are we lasting?
More than a conscience?
Or just a heart beat,
Measured by science.
Am I somehow special,
Just me of the billions?
I doubt the chances,
Could be measured in millions.
I’m staring down into the well,
It’s rather deep tonight.
Grasping at a universe,
Searching for some insight.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the leash

"the leash"

There is not a word long enough.
No such expansive cage.
That can encompass,
Contain my rage.

There is no fire,
That burns so bright.
An anger of no equal,
In the night.

So incredibly feral.
Forever hungry.
Day by day,
It grows in me.

It claws,
It screams and burns.
How can I contain?
It wants its turn.

Can I, in good conscience,
Allow its release?
How much longer,
Can I hold the leash?


Friday, April 9, 2010

Then Again Who Am I

I really didn’t want,
To write tonight.
Then again who am I?
To put up a fight.

I’ve experienced ,
The euphoria.
The bliss, unimaginable,
I’ve borne the loss.
I’ve experienced the cost.
The value unimaginable,
I’ve lost.

Then again who am I?
I’ve lost,
I’ve won.
Whom I to say.
What’s left to be done.


Monday, April 5, 2010


Across a chalk-board.
A broken sword.
A shattered mirror,
Casts splintered reflections.
A virus spreads,
Needless infections.
A harrowing sound,
Carried without source.
An angry demon hungers,
Without remorse.
The banshee’s cry,
Falls on deaf ears.
Despair itself hunts,
But no one is here.

Thursday, April 1, 2010



So much of life
Is measured in loss
You never know how
The coins will toss

There are no guarantees
Nothing that’s certain
Then something precious is gone
And we are left hurting

But there is one thing
That you give
Something you can guarantee
Guarantee as long as you live

I know it exists
At least that’s what I’ve heard
Stand behind your voice
When you give your word

Something to depend on
The word of someone true
A shelter when the darkest days
Descend on you

Your word is a measure
Of the person you are
A person true to their word
Can go quite far

But for some
Their word is simply a game
A lure for the trusting
That leads to hurt and shame

I have been witness
To a master of lies
Deep, twisted, awful
Leading to very sad eyes

So now that your trap
Was set, found and sprung
I wonder how you liked the reward
For the work you had done

Are you enjoying it
I would really like to see
How you like the handful of coins you got
For betraying me