Saturday, February 12, 2011

Imaginary Me


"Imaginary Me"

I am honestly not sure
How much of me, is gone
I know I have never felt so strongly
That I don’t belong

I try to ask myself
What I want to be
When I look inside
There is nothing left to see

I feel like a shell of flesh
Existing on unneeded time
I seek no more
Of anything to climb

That is how I feel
I don’t care anymore
If anyone is real

Is there anything
Or anyone even here
I have this doubt
But I wouldn’t call it fear

Nothing frightens me
Not anymore
At night I don’t even bother
To lock the door

There is no wonder
There is no mystery
There is no one who can see
This imaginary me

and i know

There are so many
Enduring so much more
It really makes me wonder
What God wasted his time for



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