Friday, August 26, 2011

At The Very Least

“At The Very Least”

I suppose that you look back,
Like this is some unimportant moment in your past.
But I want you to know that the crater you left,
Is very vast.
There is no earthly force,
That could ever cause me to hurt this much.
God would never inflict this pain,
In his touch.
And I Hate you,
I hate the very thought of you.
So you go ahead and carry on.
Please take my sentiment with you.
At the very least, it’s the last I could ever,
Offer to you.
Danny Gunter

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Is Me

“What Is Me”

I think by now,
That you’d all know this isn’t,
Coming directly from my head.
So maybe it originates from somewhere else instead.

We all know we’ve other places.
That we all could be.
I’d never wish my thoughts or beliefs upon you.
I’d only wish to impart a little of this that’s me.

 What is me?
Where can we of conscience draw that line?
I can only offer the wisdom,
When you can draw the line between me and mine.

Danny Gunter

Sunday, August 14, 2011



We walk upon grassy fields.
As if we had invulnerability.
So invulnerable the harvests our hearts yield.

Would I retrace?
Would I redraw?
I cannot say.
Regardless the hurt and pain I saw.

If I were offered a reprieve,
Just press rewind or replay.
In honesty I lack the answer.
At the truth of my soul I really cannot say.

Would I have run?
Would I have turned away?
We are simply mortals.
I am a glimmer in a moment,
So who am I to say?

We stride across grassy fields.
As if we had invulnerability.
So unknowing of the harvests,
Our hearts can yield.

Danny Gunter

Friday, August 12, 2011

Walk Away From Here

"Walk Away From Here"

If I could breach,
Crack open my soul.
In a heartbeat shatter it all.
If I believed for a moment it would help you.

If I could cry all the tears,
Simply reflections what we should or should not do.
I would do everything that I could,
So that the smallest part might make some sense to you.

It is my regret that I lack the wisdom,
I still lack the gift of knowing.
But I cannot because none of us.
Ever really know where it is going.

I would like nothing more,
Than to offer you what is true.
But I cannot as my steps are mine.
Unique just like the steps of you.
Please do not feel alone.
You are not the only soul there.
And I will take your hand,
As we walk away from here.

Danny Gunter

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I’ve opened my eyes,
Here for forty plus years.
I’d like nothing more,
Than to tell you it’s worth the tears.

Of course in saying that,
It would be a blatant lie.
Does everybody’s life,
Go so far astray?

I’d very much like to hold,
Wrap my arms around and shelter you.
But we know that the tides rise and ebb.
In spite of everything we attempt to do.
Danny Gunter

Friday, August 5, 2011

I Have Lost My Words

“I Have Lost My Words”

Have you ever just stared out the window?
Just waiting for the rain to fall.
Your heart skips a beat.
Then it stalls.

I have cried against the window,
Placed my forehead on the glass.
I have stepped back watching the droplets fall.
Memories I wish I could toss into the trash.

But memories are just memories,
Words and blessings carved by a universes hand.
Kneading and forming.
Wishing for way to somehow understand.

I wish that I could tell you,
That everything will be ok.
I have been here so very long.
I don’t know what to say.

Danny Gunter


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Unsure the way to turn.
More than a little apprehensive,
The lessons I'm yet to learn.

Dark and blood-shot,
Are tired eyes.
Lungs exhausted,
From expelling cries.

A back that already feels tired,
As soon as it rises from the bed.
A mind weary of pondering,
The questions in this head.

In sight a new horizon.
Many doors I don't care to open.
Because a soul does get tired,
Of loss in hoping.

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Monday, August 1, 2011



Another walk just a stroll,
Down memory lane.
Am I alone in noticing the most precious moments?
Are the very same as those that drive us insane?

The days past can be so unfocused,
So blurry the ones that meant so much.
A simple moment so passing,
But between the shadows we remember the touch.

A touch that left an imprint,
A mark upon our very soul.
And I’d have gladly tossed in the coins.
Were I somehow aware of the toll.

Perhaps I grasped to early,
Acquired some understanding in my youth.
Honestly I never wanted too much.
Just a love not born of obligation,
Just born of truth.

Now I see how naïve I was.
A truthful youth.
It is all gone now.
Simply thinking truth.

I have worked the puzzle.
And in its solution I can see.
That there is no solution.
And we aren’t meant,
To understand how.
The sediment of my life,
Drifting the eddies of life and time.
And after all of this wasted sorrow and tears.
Mourning over things that were never mine.

I’d be a liar,
If I suggested I sought so much more.
Perhaps life leaves wounds just to remind us.
Of exactly the things we adore.

Always out of reach?
I’m not wise enough to say.
I can only impart how I feel today.

Danny Gunter