Sunday, October 30, 2011

Resident Evil {movies}

They are working on another movie right now. I believe it is called Retribution. But I was wondering what happened to Jill and Angie from the 2nd movie, Apocolypse. I found answers to several interesting questions pertaining to the series:

Resident Evil Faqs

Why is it called Elmer's Glue?



Thursday, October 20, 2011



My birthday comes,
Every January.
That’s something,
That defines me.

That date came and went,
Both before and after I was born.
Every January twenty-first,
Day by the sun is shown.

While uneventful,
By many standards,
During my life,
I've learned many lessons.

Fire is tempting to play with,
But only toy responsibly.
If I'm playing and anything is hurt,
The fault lies with me.

People are tricky,
Sometimes hard to understand.
Your value doesn't decrease,
If you've only one hand.

People in your life,
For the most part are transitory.
When asked for the truth,
They've their own story.

Some will tell what they saw.
Some will twist and deceive.
Sometimes every day things,
Are hard to believe.

I've learned that my word is valuable.
Truthful is better than pleasing.
Often times at first sight,
We don't understand what we’re seeing.

Your distance from me,
Doesn't affect your place in my heart.
Over the span of our life.
We never even know when a lesson will start.

Right now I'm forty-two.
Soon I'll be forty-three.
My birthday comes in January.
That's something that defines me.

Danny Gunter

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Forged in pain.
Tempered by tears.
Etched by deception.
Hardened by fears.
Ground down to breathless.
Carved by trust.
Swept neat in piles.
So much dust.
Painted of shadows.
Molded like clay.
So, should I thank you,
What I am today?
~ ~
Danny Gunter
Revised 10-18-2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

FaceBook Tip: Blocking Annoying / Uninteresting Applications

If you don't want to see posts from an app, click the right top corner of the post. A little menu will open at the bottom you will see "Block all by 'annoying / uninteresting' application". Choose that for every app you don't want to see. You can undo it later if you change your mind.



I fear that I was pushed.
I've fallen.

Fallen far into an abyss.
I've hit bottom and find,
There's nothing I miss.

Nothing that I want.
No dreams.

No desire,
Nothing I miss.
I can't feel the fire.

Fallen too far.
Too dark.

Where no rope can reach.
Where finally there are,
No lessons to teach.

And it simply is,
What it is going to be.

Nothing I can do.
Never free.

Burdened with a future.
Tied down by a past.

Because simply,
Nothing lasts.

Because it simply is,
What it was meant to be.

And simply,
That's not enough for me.

Danny Gunter


"Prejudice doesn't just go away, knowing when to behave correctly does not free anyone from prejudice. Prejudice must take many generations to fade, I still witness it because of many social & cultural mistakes that began centuries before I was born. Simple respect and equal possibilities are all I would like, prejudice will only fade in its own time."

Danny Gunter
Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"It Is What It Is"

A hard telling,
I've to tell.
At it's end,
It didn't end well.

It spawned hate.
An ending forebode.
None should follow,
And carry this load.

The onset of winter,
The heart of cold.
Longing an embrace,
None will hold.

I know I ramble,
Again, again and again.
For this story.
Has naught a begining or end.

It is what it is,
Never more than that.
Neurons flash traveled paths.
Endings with no way back.

I did wish, I did believe.
That upon our end you would see.
But you never had the hope.
To fight for me.

Danny Gunter

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hansel or Gretel

“Hansel or Gretel?”

Don’t really matter...

Did you hear that creek?
Did you feel that crack?
I feel hunger.
Do you know the way back?

No, no. Wait, watch,
Come to feed the fish?
Drop a coin.
Make a wish.

The pond is silent.
The bed is naught but salt.
It’s been that way,
Forgotten waltz.

The waters gone black,
Drop your coins, spill your tears.
This pond’s been stagnant,
Too many years.


“Hansel or Gretel?”
Don’t really matter...

Do you hear the creek?
Do you feel the crack?
I feel hunger.
Do you know the way back?

Danny Gunter

History moved,
Right passed me.
Touch the button,
Push to see.

Auto flash?
Do you understand?
In focus?
It's in your hand.

A blur? A shudder?
A momentary frame?
An instant? A blink?
Nothing's the same.

Danny Gunter