Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Called a Miracle


"It's Called a Miracle"

It's called a miracle
I really wonder why
It only made me hurt
It only made me cry

Years of memories
All an illusion
A shattered past
Full of hurt and confusion

There was not one
Not one good thing
Where's all of the joy
It will supposedly bring

It brought me sorrow
A heart full of pain
A lot of wasted hope
Tears cried in vain

No one is happier
Well maybe you
But I'm not certain
That's even true

It's called a miracle
When I know it can't be
Miracles don't hurt people
But this one hurt me

Perhaps it was broken
Some kind of mistake
Who really knows
Perhaps it was fake

It's called a miracle
So very wrong
And what will be left
When it's finally gone


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