Thursday, March 17, 2011

What You Left Me With

What You Left Me With

We spent seven wonderful years,
Making memories together.
Shared many special moments,
Quite a few storms weathered.

Point and fact,
Most of those storms were yours.
Never once did I fail.
In that truth, I rest assured.

Fact of the matter,
For six years you lied.
When you confessed,
I broke and I cried.

Then the lies continued.
You agreed we would be fine.
You were only playing,
With my heart and my mind.

Told me you were committed.
While in truth you had a plan.
As I was trying to cope,
Trying hard to understand.

You secretly found an apartment,
Planned to leave while I was gone.
Coming come home to an empty house.
What could be more wrong.

Leaving like you did,
Stripped everything away.
Perverted every memory,
What else can I say?

It took eight weeks,
After seven years.
Before you left.
Leaving me in tears.

Not a day of it was real.
Every moment was a lie.
If that wasn't true,
I think you would've tried.

Or at least had some respect,
For me, the times I was there.
Never failing to show you,
How much loved, how much I cared.

You are a soulless,
Calloused, heartless husk.
Totally undeserving,
Any kind of trust.

So maybe now you get it.
Do you finally understand?
Just don't lie to yourself,
You're not even a man.

Maybe someday you'll realize,
Just what you did to me.
When you're ready for a face to face,
I will hear your apology.

Until you find that courage,
You're far less than human.
That is what you left me with.
This is all you have proven.


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