Sunday, March 27, 2011

But This

“But This”

I can only offer that my heart,
My dreams and love were built of adamantium.
For those who don’t frequent comic books.
It’s a metal that can’t be broke by nearly anyone.
 Now I’m as beaten and as ragged,
As anyone else upon this earth.
Hell, I can only imagine there are so many out there.
Who’ve survived so much worse.

But this wound is mine.
Not borders or countries, I’m all who bleeds.
And within my words I don’t seek to lessen any others.
Hurts, wounds or any of their needs.

I can only speak of myself,
I can only write of what has touched or impacted me.
I wish I were blessed enough,
To write of things other than what I can see.

I would wrap you up,
In a blanket of comfort safe from the hurt left by time.
I would help and I wish that I could,
But this,
This is just another silly rhyme.

Danny Gunter

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