Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hush Now

"Hush Now"

Hush now, little one.
Be peaceful be still.
Soon your pain will pass.
Yes, in time it will.

Hush now, little one.
Oh, please don't cry.
Yes, I know that it hurts.
But you've got to try.

Try to get yourself together.
Get up and move on.
Yes. I think you can.
Of course you're that strong.

You see, you're like an angel,
With a slightly broken wing.
It may hurt for a little while,
Your eyes may sometimes sting.

Very soon the pain will be better,
And you will again, want to fly.
No. There's nothing wrong.
In wanting to cry.

How long does it take?
For the pain to be gone.
Let us hope, for both our sakes,
It's not very long.

Dg – 01/06 r

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