Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Carry Forward

“Carry Forward”

The storm clouds clutter darkly,
As they gather overhead.
This side of a washed out bridge wondering,
Should I be on the other side instead?

Tsunamis break at the crest,
As the quakes break the trust.
As we peer into our souls,
And carry forward what we must.

Carry forward,
As if it were a burden we yearned to bear.
So we wish, wish after wish,
We were never there.

We wipe away the salt,
As seasons rise and fall everywhere.
We summon up the courage to ask.
Are these tears fair?

As we struggle against our peace we wonder,
Why the bees still sting.
How did I ever,
Get pulled into this thing?

But mother earth did shake,
And her tears tore shores apart.
With no perception,
No comprehension of our hearts.

I know that I am very small.
In a complex world of things so tall.
Alas my heart hears many things,
Less than obvious to all.

Danny Gunter

With respect and remembrance to all.

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