Tuesday, March 1, 2011



In that moment,
You held me when I wanted to run.
You should’ve let me run.
Seeing what’s been done.
Warned through experience I knew.
Seen the hurt suffered plenty.
While decades of tears,
Recklessly poured of me.
I wanted to leave,
I knew what I should do.
You wrapped your arms round me,
God help me, I relaxed,
In that moment,
I believed in you.
I relaxed, I rested.
Inside your warm embrace.
I traced with my finger,
The lines on your face.
I knew,
Seen the hurt suffered plenty.
Yet I relaxed,
Let you get hold of me.
I so wanted to leave,
While you’re arms held on.
I grew weak in their clasp.
My strength was gone.
In spite of what I knew.
I leveled my heart,
With all my trust in you.
Only to learn,
Not a single syllable of a single word,
Was true.
Though they showed me.
After every witnessing,
What it was,
To hang on to my missing.
I might be special,
And I might be more.
And I might be unbreakable,
Denying every hurt that came before.
Danny Gunter


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