Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wolf Star

“Wolf Star”
Brought together,
By stellar drift.
An unnamed constellation,
Gravity yields its gifts.
A Wolf Star drifting distance,
Both to and from the stars.
A nebulous drift,
Follows from afar.
Were they once so close?
As gravity will push and pull.
Was it really close?
In the dark we often play the fool.
Both of time,
Times past and times present.
Laced with timeless memories,
We adore, fear and regret.
Is it a pending collision?
In the present or the past?
The dark distance,
Seems so vast.
Should the Wolf Star slow?
Would the nebula slow or advance?
Stars and nebula’s they move and drift.
Sometimes gravity allows the chance.
The Wolf Star moves along.
The nebula towed by gravity.
When the nebula fills the Wolf Star,
Only then will we see.
Danny Gunter
for Lucky

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