Thursday, July 5, 2012



It is so funny, 
How lost we are. 
Standing on the highest peak, 
And still reaching for a star.

As if we will ever touch it. 
Actually hold it in our hands. 
Trying to reach further and further, 
And we never understand.

That we were never meant, 
To reach the unreachable. 
How can we reach, 
What is barely visible?

But once...

I did reach. 

I did hold a star.

Just my truth.
Born in your lie. 
You were always so far.

But the star...

The star still burned.


Without you there...

It rendered ash of me.

Ashes do not reach. 
Ashes do not dream. 
Ashes do not hope.

Can you not see?

Ashes, are already,  
As they were meant to be.

Danny Gunter

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