Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't go to Stacks on 23rd St, in Independence where Clem's used to be.

Stacks is a recently opened  restaurant  is on 23rd street where Clem’s used to be.  I would ask you not to give them your business either.

Recently a restaurant opened in Independence, Mo. on 23rd St. where Clem's used to be the new place is called Stacks.  My sister went up there with a friend and the manager and she had a confrontation and he actually dropped the C bomb on her several times…  Here is my sisters post and several peoples responses.  This is not a Jack Stack BBQ.
Please don't eat a Stacks on 23rd St. I went there tonight and while I waited for about 10 minutes for my food the owner yelled at his employees telling them what pieces of crap they are and they couldn't do their jobs. So when he gave me my food I told him "You are really a PRICK yelling at your employees so the customers can hear you" he didn't hear me and I had to repeat it. Then he called me a F-ing B-tch C-nt and that I couldn't tell him how to treat his employees unless I wanted to pay them. He then told me he was going to come out and smack me. I said come on. He called me the FBC about 4 more times.
Marilyn Salazar The sweet part of this story is, my brother Danny Gunter went down there to confront him and told him he better not call his sister the C word. Love you Brother.
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Christy Littrell Watters you are in trouble, cause i have had to dip in the bail bondsman fund to buy diapers and formula!!!!LOL!!!!!Way to not take no shit from him anyway!!!Way to go Marilyn Salazar
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Sentaira Miller What the what?????? He need a good beat down for that!
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Marilyn Salazar I wouldn't of went to jail, because after he wooped my ass I would of owned that joint.
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Tammy Alarie I'm glad danny went there i would have gone with him if i was home. I cant believe he did that let alone calling you that nasty wird and danny knows how much i hate it. Glad youstood up for the employees you
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Marilyn Salazar I did have enough since to wait to say anything until I had my food in my hand.
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Marilyn Salazar Hell Tammy he told Danny they was his family and he could talk to them any way he wanted.
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Tammy Alarie Wow what a dbag!! I still cant believe this guy!
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Kathy Whitmer sounds l1ke he needs h1s ass beat
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Marilyn Salazar If it is his family they might get beat when they get home.
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Rachel Spotz You should have called the cops on him for threatening you like that. Or you should have kicked his ass. Either one would have worked I think.
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Marilyn Salazar I'm gonna call the Independence Chamber on them tomorrow Rachel Spotz
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Rachel Spotz Good! No one fucks with my family.
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Kathy Whitmer u need me call
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Kathy Whitmer we can really mess w1th them do they have a web page we can g1ve h1m a tr1p 2 w1lson lake n beat h1s ass when
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Chantell Blanco Wow! Marilyn I'm surprised your not in jail! Because your a pit bull in a skirt, I am so shocked u didn't tear his ass up. He's is a douchebag!
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Connie Meyer Gregory I think that's verbal assault, isn't it? I would absolutely report him
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Todd Jot Jarvis I could make an intimidating call saying I'm from the DOL and have numerous complaints. Lol
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Elizabeth Hilden Barrios Good for your brother. I would love to go there and see how he treats me. Then I can call him a FBC. Lol your awesome Marilyn and good for you for standing up for yourself. There is no excuse for people to be rude and hurtful especially for no reason.
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Terry Meyer The real owner of stacks has his 1st restaurant over her. I am going to talk to him tomorrow. He said he hired a manager to run the store on 23rd street because he can not be in both places. I am talking to him tomorrow. This really makes me mad. Good Job Danny. That man should be fired.....
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Donna Daisy I would not have let him touch her I watched the whole thing she was fearless !!!! Little PIT BULL WOOF !!!!!!!
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Donna Daisy BYW THe tenderloin was GOOD !!!!
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Chantell Blanco Donna LOL!!
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Danny Gunter
When I went up there he said "she doesn't need to be up here telling me to run my business" and I said "but you realize the C word is a very serious word that you don't just throw around", there was a lot more said then his wife (I assume) saw my camera and said "he's recording all of this, were done for the evening." and she closed the window so we couldn't talk anymore. (But my dumb ass didn't record shit cuz I didn't actually start recording... DAMN IT!)
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Danny Gunter also its important to note that this is NOT a Jack Stack BBQ.
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