Thursday, July 26, 2012

From Then Until Today

"From Then Until Today"

I wonder,
Do you smile?

When you think back,
Upon our yesterdays?

There's so much I wonder of,
In so many ways.

Do you think me childish,
In holding this grudge?
From which,
I refuse to budge.

Do you think me needlessly bitter,
In my opinion of you?

In my conclusion,
That you,
Were never true?

Did you make a mistake?
Were you somehow wrong?

Such a heartless coward.
You never were strong.

Stand up to your convictions.
Stand up to your word.

Unless they all were lies,
The words I heard.

So should you ever smile,
From some memory,
Of our yesterday.

Smile knowing it was lies.
From then until today.

You've no cause to smile.
Memories built on your lies.
If you question that,
Count the tears from my eyes.

And had I truly known,
This heart of you.

Well you just smile and know…
That I shouldn't have wasted,
A single day,
Of my life on you.

Danny Gunter

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