Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Silly Little Dreamer - 2007

"Silly Little Dreamer"
The pieces fall together,
Like a rising tide.
A paradox unimaginable,
Events collide.
Moments linked together,
Believed by fate.
But now you know,
It must have been  hate.
How could someone tell you?
Lead you to believe?
Then leave you breathless,
No dreams to retrieve?
Each of us predators.
Nothing less.
Nothing more.
None of it matters.
What came before.
Silly little dreamer,
Where did you live?
They take and they  take,
Till there's nothing left to give.
Silly little dreamer.
Where do you live?
You give,
And you give,
Till there's nothing,
Left to live.
Danny Gunter

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