Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So, I just watched the M&M commercial...

So, I just watched the M&M commercial. Red and Yellow are setting on the coffee table while a man and a woman discuss the probability of the M&M’s limbs and shoes being chocolate too.

Now I am forced to wonder, if Plain Red and Peanut Yellow are the only Red and Yellow M&M’s that can talk? Or are there other Plain Reds and Peanut Yellows with different voices and personalities? Are all Green M&M’s female? Since she is Green, does that mean her Parental M&M’s would have to be Yellow and Blue? Are they a bunch of individual M&Ms or are they like the human Cylons? All Plain Reds share a collective personality and memories with all of the copies of Plain Red?

Since they know what chocolate tastes like does that make them cannibals? If a milk chocolate M&M eat a white chocolate M&M, is it still cannibalism?

Since it is almost always Plain Red and Peanut Yellow in the commercials are Plain Red and Peanut Yellow somehow higher in the M&M social structure?

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