Tuesday, April 19, 2011


At some point,
Someone is going to tell you,
That it’s normal.
Or it’s ok,
For someone to treat you like that.
I say back up,
Don’t let them act like that.
You’ve people who're blood,
True friends.
True family,
Making them a part of you.
  Anybody else better be able to explain.
The how and why’s of what they do.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I must draw the line.
Between what’s acceptable,
And what leaves me fine.
We already know,
Who can make excusable mistakes.
You can look on a sunset knowing it’s ok.
They’re true.
If you’re lucky.
They’ll be here after today.
Everybody and I mean anybody else.
You invite.
   Into your life isn't entitled that luxury.
I do mean anybody else,
Better have a damn good explanation,
If they mistreat me.
Never let anybody,
Treat you less than you.
Big speech bigoted morality,
Still truth
It's true.
Danny Gunter


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