Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter – On High…

Easter – On High…

Mr. and Mrs. Supreme Being (specific names are not important to my point).

They have brought the family together for Easter Dinner. They have their son (they clearly don’t think about it like we do), they have the cousins, the aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, profits and disciples all together to enjoy the special day.

The Mrs. SB (Supreme Being) has set the heavens up perfect. Rainbows on every horizon, fluffy clouds where everyone needs to set and a good solid thundercloud to set dinner on.

They have all the usual disagreements. Mr. SB (Supreme Being) gets all upset when dinner is served. “We can’t be eating rabbit on Easter! What kind of message does that send?”

Mrs. SB (Supreme Being) yells back, “Talk to Gabriel, he caught it and he’s your little angel!”

Gabriel is just chuckling to himself.

They quiet down, just enjoying the day.

Mr. SB (Supreme Being) says “Let’s all take turns and share our most memorable Easter memory…”

Everyone gets real quiet as Jesus is just glaring at everyone from the far end of the table…

Mrs. SB hits Mr. SB (Supreme Being) with the kitchen towel, “I’ve told you and I’ve told you not to do that again!”

Happy Easter y’all!

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