Monday, April 18, 2011

A Note Upon A Key

"A Note Upon A Key"

A path set before,
Most all of us here.
I mean it’s music,
We all can hear.

A sound set upon our soul.
A note upon a key,
Within our lives,
We glimpse and get to see.

We might harmonize.
With another in this maze where we’re lost.
But the music box does not play its music for free.
Only after the coins have dropped.
Can we understand their value,
A measure of the cost.

I wanted to show you,
That truth isn’t always fleeting.
That some speak their heart and mean it.
That there are safe shelters where the broken can stop,
Cease retreating.

My goal was too my burden,
I only wanted to share a hopeful broken wish.
That not everyone lies to burden your heart.
And still here we are, broken like this.

I just wanted us to rest, against each other.
To show you that hurt doesn’t always end in pain.
Yet torn asunder and ripped apart.
Still we drown inside the rain.

Danny Gunter

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