Monday, April 25, 2011



While I am not a speaker,
In any sort of the word.
I do often flail against the current,
To say what needs be heard.

I am a wordsy person,
Though not a thesaurus in flesh.
It does upset when I’m at a loss,
As if I failed a test.

I should always have the words,
I should be able to comfort your heart.
But your experience and mine,
Are so far apart.

So clearly I have not,
Experienced enough,
And I do not poses' it,
I still lack the stuff.

Just another blind man,
Guiding the blind along the street.
Just as the roads are slick and unpredictable,
Under the sleet.

I want to tell you it will be ok,
But sweetie I am just not sure.
And I am simply unequipped to offer comfort,
In this pain you endure.

Such a simple name Olive,
Green surrounded by red.
Or the precious heart of life,

Danny Gunter

For Steph and her Olive.
I wish I knew what to say to help you feel better.
I <3 you and Travis & Olive

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