Sunday, November 7, 2010

You Look Familiar


“You Look Familiar”

Walk in to that once,
Such familiar place.
I swore to never return.
I might see your face.

Smile and embrace,
The friends who can’t see.
How painfully hard,
This is for me.

Then I notice the face,
Far across the room.
It has been so long,
The hurt makes it soon.

Keep smiling out,
While I’m dying in.
If it is ever to stop hurting,
I could not tell you when.

Talking and laughing,
Walk up to the bar.
Accidentally shoulder to shoulder,
But it just feels so far.

An attempted conversation,
I raise my hand to pause.
As to why it still hurts,
I can offer no cause.

“You look familiar,”
I offer honestly.
As the salt starts to hover,
Inside of me.

“You look familiar, like someone I knew before.”
“But I am certain that we, have never met before.”

Walk away from that place.
The endless flight of stairs,
Believing love from someone,
Who never even cared.


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