Thursday, November 4, 2010

Did You Get What You Wished


"Did You Get What You Wished"

I wonder where your aim was.
What was your goal?
Did you want my tomorrows?
Because that's what you stole.

As I sit here crying,
Do you smile inside?
Are you happy to know,
It's because of your lies?

Have I cried for as long,
As you hoped that I would?
Does it make you as happy,
As you hoped that it would?

Was it fun finding out,
How much I would believe?
You must be so very proud,
To know I still grieve.

Does it make you feel powerful,
To see me like this?
Have you got what you wanted?
Did you get what you wished?

I hope you're fulfilled.
I hope you're satisfied.
As you look in your mirror,
And see all your lies.



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