Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can I Say We ?

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"Can I Say We ?"

Beyond imagination
So much smoke
Beyond reason
It must be a joke

Are they really running
So much debris
I am only watching
What do I see

It must be a joke
This can't be real
Are those buildings falling
How should I feel

I cried
No way to understand
How a person can do this
By their hands

Are we deserving
Am I qualified to say we
Am I too a victim in this disaster
I see

Can I say we
What did I do
What did we do
I ask of you

How can you hate us so much
This disasters touch
What did we do
To hurt you so much

How can I grasp
Or understand
This horror given
From far away lands

Because I just don't

In memory of 9-11

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